She's just perfect!

1. Panoramic view from the shopping center of New Cheng (The One New Change Shopping Center)

St Paul's Cathedral

Do you want new impressions? Then climb the roof of the shopping center and admire the beauty of the city. Here you, as in the palm of your hand, and one of the largest wheels of the London Eye (London Eye), and a 111-meter historical building, St. Paul's Cathedral.

2. Picturesque parks

Alley in the park

Hyde Park, Regent's Park,Hampstead (Hampstead Heath), Victoria (Victoria Park) - and this is not a complete list of the most famous parks of the capital. The British respect the nature with great respect, and therefore there is no way to see garbage, scattered bottles everywhere, or flowers torn from the roots.

3. View from Parliament Hill (Parliament Hill)

View of the city

This is a huge territory that is part of theOld London park Hampstead (Hampstead Heath), is located in the north-west of the Foggy Albion. Its area is 20 hectares, but the main thing here is not this, but what kind of view opens from this colorful landmark.

4. The Paradise Corner

Roses in the park

The scent of paradise is exactly what the locals callRegent's Park, one of the main royal parks. In its central part the rosary is broken. In the spring, when everything blooms and smells, Regent's Park envelops the sweet scents of beautiful roses.

5. Historical buildings

London Buildings

Wherever you go, you will be surrounded everywhereMajestic houses and historic buildings. This is Ham House, Hogarth's House, Turner's house, Eastbury Manor House, Keats house, Sayon House, (Syon House) and much more.

6. The oldest pub

Old pub

It is in this city that the institution is located, inWho once ran to drink a pint of beer Charles Dickens and Oscar Wilde. Cesar Chees (The Cheshire Chees) was built in the distant 1538, and functions to this day.

7. Spectacular view from the Millennium Bridge (The Millennium Bridge)

View of the cathedral

Look at the city from a different angle, or rather St. Paul's Cathedral, you can, standing on the pedestrian bridge Millennium. In addition, from this place you can make amazing shots for Instagram.

8. Westminster Abbey (Collegiate Church of St. Peter at Westminster)

Westminster Abbey

Where without the world-famous Gothic church, the first mention of which refers to the VII century?

9. Free entry

The Museum

In order to see the greatest creationsIngenious personalities, do not need to pay a lot of money. In such museums as Tate Britain, Tate Modern, the National Gallery, the National Portrait Gallery and hundreds of smaller galleries you can admire them completely free of charge .

10. Museum of Natural History

Museum of Natural History

The Museum of Natural History is one of the largest. His multi-million collection includes exhibits on zoology, botany, mineralogy and paleontology. In addition, it is worthwhile to go in addition and to see a stunning interior.

11. Historical and Archaeological Museum

British Museum

In the main historical and archaeological museumBritain can be wandered all day. Many here come, first of all, in order to look at the interior, art objects of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome.

12. Rest on the lawn

Kenwood House

On a sunny day, be sure to escape to rest inThe Hampstead area. Just imagine that you are lying on a green lawn, and in front of you, like in the picture, is the old Kenwood House, built in 1700.

13. Fantastic Winter

Snow in London

Although there is not a lot of snow here, but when it happens, the city looks like in a Christmas movie.

14. Art-creations

Blue cock

Local claim that every fourth monument in the country is something unusual and original. Not so long ago in the heart of Britain was discovered a statue of a cock of blue color.

15. Bycycross


Are you for a healthy lifestyle and there is no desire to pollute the environment with exhaust fumes? Then it's time to rent a bicycle. You can do this on any authorized parking lot.

16. Wild deer in the park

Deer in the park

Be sure to check Richmond ParkPark). Here you will see not only the plantations of camellia, azalea, heather, but its main attraction is deer. Be careful in autumn. During this period, a noble animal is quite aggressive and can attack a person.

17. Best of the best products

Cheese Shop

What is only the Borough Market (The Borough Market)! In this market you can buy the freshest pasta, seafood, cheeses, wine, beer, meat products and much more.

18. Pizza in the "Pilgrim" (Pizza Pilgrims)

Sliced ​​pizza

Do not forget to eat delicious pizza, which is served in restaurants "Pilgrim" and is sold in the van of the same name. Of course, it is not better than Italian, but it does not concede anything to it either.

19. Dish "Fish and chips" (Fish 'n' chips)

Fish and potatoes

If you want to try something that almost every Londoner adores, then check the Poppies restaurant and order a dish of French fries and fish.

20. Curry in the Brick Lane (Brick Lane)

Brick Lane Restaurant

This dish in the British menu first appeared in 1773 and it is rumored that it is in this restaurant.

21. The dilapidated London Wall

Part of the London Wall

It was built by the Romans at the beginning of the 3rd century. To date, the most accessible for viewing fragment is located near the subway station Tuaher Hill.

22. Carnival Notting Hill

The Notting Hill Carnival

Since 1966, in London, in the countyKensington and Chelsea, a colorful event, known as Notting Hill, is held every two weekend days of August. Carnival collects about 2 million spectators.

23. Chinatown Chinatown in Chinatown


This area is so colorfully decorated thatCreates a feeling of constant expectation of the Chinese New Year. By the way, Chinatown is located in the vicinity of Gerrard Street (Soho).

24. Outdoor swimming pool

Outdoor swimming pool

In the central part of London, in the district of Hackney (Hackney), there is a pool complex London Fields (London Fields). Its counterpart is that it is under the open sky, and it works all year round.

25. Darkly beautiful landmark

Ancient cemetery

In London, everything is beautiful, even cemeteries, amongOf which the most famous is the Victorian Brompton (Brompton). It is administered by the administration of the Royal Parks. Every year more than 800,000 tourists visit it.

26. Shri Swaminarayan Mandir (Shri Swaminarayan Mandir)

Hindu Temple

It is located in the north-west of the city. This is a huge Hindu temple, visiting which you will have a feeling that you are not on the banks of the Thames, but on the banks of the Ganges.

27. From London to Paris in 6 hours

London station

At King's Cross St Pancras, take the train and in less than 8 hours you are already taking pictures of the Eiffel Tower. Miracles, are not they?

28. The London Aquatic Center (The London Aquatic Center)

Bassein complex

For just £ 4.50, you can swim in the pool, which somehow trained 28-time Olympic champion Michael Phelps.

29. Meeting with a fox

The London fox

For many local there is no news for long in the London streets fox or, as they were called, urban fox. They dwell mainly in green areas, Chelsea and Kensington.

30. ... and with the parrot

Parrot on the branch

These birds every year more and more. Even the changeable weather does not frighten them. Bright-green birds managed to adapt in a noisy metropolis and sometimes please the eye of the British.

31. The tallest building in Europe

High building

"Shard of glass" (the Shard) - 309-meter skyscraper, built in 1975. It is the 45th tallest building in the world.

32. Architectural style of universities

Old building

Those who are crazy about beautiful buildings will be inDelighted with the appearance of many educational institutions in London. Here much has been created with a touch of royal charm and grandeur. A vivid example of this is the country's oldest educational institution, the University College of London.

33. Experienced skaters

Standing people

Take a look at South Bank, an area on the south bank of the Thames, or more specifically in a local skate park, to admire skaters who will happily show you some incredibly stunning tricks.

34. A particle of the tropics

Kew Gardens

In the south-west of London is located the largest botanical garden of Kew (Kew Gardens), founded in 1840. It contains the most diverse botanical and mycological collection.

35. Water bicycling

Water biking

In your spare time, go for a walk to fresh air in Hyde Park. There you can rent water transport and ride on the artificial Serpentine Boating Lake.

36. The picturesque Thames

Evening Thames

How can the beauty of the Thames not charm someone? This river is beautiful at any time of the year and under all kinds of weather conditions.

37. London streets

The London market

Every quarter, every street of thisConservative city is unique. It is enough to even look at the one on which the Leadenhall Market is located, a covered market in the historic center, in the City of London.

38. Do not get bored

The girl is singing

In England, there are many interesting places worth visiting. This suggests that on the weekend you will not be questioning "Where to go?"

39. Nightlife

Holmes Shop

In the UK, not only a large number of various museums, souvenir shops and parks, but also many clubs, each of which is able to surprise you with its show program.

40. Bars

London Bar

Be sure, even among the local there are many who were not in all bars and pubs.

41. Restaurants

London Restaurant

Continue to the previous paragraph. The same applies to restaurants: you will not have the feeling that you were in all institutions. London restaurateurs are able to surprise with the exquisite menu and unusual interior.

42. Unexplored streets

Red bus on the street

Necessarily there is a street, on which you have not yetWent, but you can be sure that it is no less beautiful than all the rest in England. So, do not forget to glance at the Great Scotland Yard, which is in London.

43. Favorite place

56 reasons to live in England

Among all of the above, every LondonerWill say that they did not name his favorite place. This means that the city is so rich in interesting places and attractions that it is impossible to fit everything into one article.

44. Walls of houses

Facade of the house

No need to spend money to see the beauty. Just look at the facades of many buildings adorned with natural garlands, for example, one such house is located on the Niles' Yard, in Covent Garden.

45. British accent

Bearded guy

"Because of your British accent, I'm ringing in my ears."

It's time after the chanting of architectural beauties to move to the local accent. Do not you think that thanks to him every word sounds more sweet?

46. ​​2 liters of beer

Bottle of beer

Let's be frank: in no other country will you find a 2 liter bottle of Strongbow beer.

47. Words of gratitude

DiCaprio with a glass

Only in the UK, instead of a boring "thank you" you can hear "your health!" ("Cheers!").

48. Locks, locks, locks

Locations of castles

There are many castles in England. It is unlikely that even in their whole life a native Briton will see them alive.

49. Yorkshire pudding


It is considered the main component of the Sunday lunch of the British. Once you try this yummy, you will always cook it for lunch. By the way, this batch should be above 4 inches (10.16 cm).

50. Rainy weather

Rainy London

Someone constantly complains about this weather, and the British consider it quite romantic. In addition, you will always carry an umbrella. Even then, it is absolutely not needed.

51. Monarchs

Duke and Duchess

To live in England is to be happy to realize that only a couple of hours' drive from your house are members of the royal family.

52. View from the window

View from the window

How can you not love this country simply for the fact that from the window of your apartment such a spectacular view opens up?

53. British village

British Village

In no other country will you see such picturesque villages.

54. Better than in Starbucks (Starbucks)


Would you like to taste delicious hot chocolate and coffee? Then welcome to the Costa coffee shop.

55. Uniqueness of Great Britain

London Riding

Those who are crazy about her, will briefly answer you,Why not exchange it for another: "England can not be compared with any other state. It is unique in any sense of the word and it has no equal. "