If you decide to visit somewhere, you will definitely take pictures of the most amazing sights. Interesting sculptures, which you will meet, are suitable for this as well as possible.

They seem to attract views andLenses. Created at different times, from different materials and unlike the style, they are united by one - these street sculptures make the city unique, attractive and unforgettable.

1. "Disclosure", Paige Bradley, New York, USA


"... Until we split the people around usWalls, we will never understand how strong we really are. "So the American artist Paige Bradley explains the meaning of her bronze sculpture that brought her fame.

2. "Dancing with a Dandelion", Robin White, Staffordshire, UK

"Dancer with a dandelion"

If you are attracted by the magical world of fairies, youCertainly like the work of British Robin White, who created a series of similar park sculptures. Each fairy has a steel frame, bound by a layer of metal "muscles", which in turn is covered with "skin" made of fine wire.

3. "Allegory of the Apennines", Giovanni Giambologna, Tuscany, Italy

"Allegory of the Apennines"

Not far from Florence, in a park abandonedVilla Pratolino, which once belonged to the famous clan of the Medici, preserved a stone sculpture of a 10-meter sculpture of the 16th century by the famous sculptor Giovanni Giambologna. The sculpture represents the god Apennines, pressing the head of the monster with his hand, from the mouth of which the fountain beats.

4. "Love", Alexander Milov


This sculpture of Odessa Alexander Milov can beWas seen only at the American Burning Man Festival in the Black Rock desert last year. The work won the hearts of many visitors to the festival and found its fans on the Internet thanks to its piercing frankness. Unfortunately, while for this voluminous art object (length 17.5 m, width 5.5 and height 7.5), the place was not found anywhere.

5. "The Power of Nature", Lorenzo Kinn

"Power of nature"

Perhaps the ancients were right when they createdSculpture in honor of the gods, to pacify their anger. This thought inspired the Italian artist Lorenzo Kinn to create a series of sculptor, established in different cities around the world. The 2.5-meter female figure symbolizes mother nature, which wildly untwists the globe. Struck by the effects of hurricanes in Thailand and the United States, the artist created an allegory to show how fragile our world is.

6. "Mustangs of Las Colinas", Robert Glen, Irving, Texas, USA

"Mustangs of Las Colinas"

This sculptural composition is the largestEquestrian sculpture in the world: 9 mustangs on a scale of 1 to 1.5 are shown running along the water, fountains are beating from under the hooves, creating a natural spray effect. The work symbolizes the swiftness, leadership and freedom inherent in both the animals living in Texas and the state itself at the time of its development.

7. "The Black Ghost", S.Jurkus and S. Plotnikovas, Klaipeda, Lithuania

"The Black Ghost"

The eerie bronze sculpture recallsAn old legend, according to which the guard of the besieged castle unexpectedly met a ghost who warned him that the fortress might not have enough reserves, then disappeared without a trace.

8. "Careful Hand", Glarus, Switzerland

Careful Hand

This extraordinary sculpture can be a symbol of care for the environment.

9. "Freedom", Zenos Frudakis, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA


"This sculpture personifies the desire for freedom through creativity," explains Zenos Frudakis, an American, explaining the meaning of her bronze composition.

10. Mihai Eminescu, Onesti, Romania

Mihai Eminescu

An unusual sculpture of two metal trees, the branches of which form the face of the Moldovan-Romanian poet-decadent of the XIX century Mihai Eminescu.

11. "The Man of the Rain", Jean Michel Folon, Florence, Italy

"Rain Man"

The sculpture of the Belgian artist Jean Michel Foulon is in Florence, Italy.

12. "The Stairway to Heaven", David McCracken, Bondi, Australia

"Stairway to Heaven"

The sculpture of David McCracken is an illusion of infinity, recalling the association with the cult composition Led Zeppelin.

13. "Here I am!", Herve-Laurent Erwin

"Here I am!"

Polystyrene giant, getting out from under the lawn,As from under the blanket, was presented in 2014 at the annual international exhibition of contemporary art in Budapest. The value of the sculpture, created by the Hungarian artist Herve-Lorent Erwin, can be defined as the desire for freedom, knowledge and dynamic development. After the resounding success in Budapest, the sculpture went to the German Ulm to scare unsuspecting tourists.

14. "Metamorphoses", Jason Dekers Taylor, Grenada


26 children's figures from cement on four-meterDepth are one of the most striking compositions installed in the underwater sculpture park Moliner in the Caribbean. Sculptural composition weighs 15 tons to resist strong currents and tides. The ring of children symbolizes the life cycle and responsibility of mankind for the state of the environment before future generations.

15. "Rain", Nazar Bilyk, Kiev, Ukraine


A two-meter bronze figure with a huge glass drop on his face symbolizes the unity of man with nature. The work is set on the Landscape avenue in Kiev as part of a modern sculpture park.

16. "The Sower", Morphay, Kaunas, Lithuania


This sculpture refers to the shadow, it "comes to life" only at night, when the stars, made on the wall behind the figure, take on meaning.

17. "Sinking Building", Melbourne, Australia

"Sinking Building"

Before the majestic building of the state library in Melbourne, it appears that another library has sunk, the corner of the facade still visible on the surface.

18. "God of War", Jingzhou, China

"God of War"

48-meter sculpture, covered with 4000 glued copper plates, rises on a 10-meter pedestal and is a symbol of justice.

19. "Hippos", Taipei, Taiwan


The figures of the swimming hippos, depicted as they are usually seen on the surface of the water, are set in a Taipei zoo.

20. "Shoes on the Embankment of the Danube", Gyula Power, Budapest, Hungary

"Shoes on the embankment of the Danube"

The Holocaust Memorial is based on realEvents: in 1944-1945, tens of thousands of Jews were destroyed in Budapest. The victims were collected on the banks of the Danube, forced to take off their shoes, and then shot. The idea of ​​the memorial belongs to the Hungarian director Ken Togai, and was realized by the sculptor Gyula Power.

21. "Travelers", Bruno Catalano, Marseille, France


A whole series of ten such surreal sculptures by the Frenchman Bruno Catalano in September 2013 was installed in Marseilles.

22. "Monument to an Unknown Passer", Erzi Kalina, Wroclaw, Poland

"Monument to an Unknown Passer"

The sculptural composition, consisting of 14 figures, was installed in Warsaw in 1977 and moved to Wroclaw in 2005.

23. "Rebel", Tom Franzen, Brussels, Belgium


The Belgian sculptor Tom Franzen dedicated his humorous work to the inhabitants of Molenbeck - one of the 19 and, perhaps, the most criminogenic commune in Brussels. Attitude to the police there appropriate.

24. "Ocean Atlant", Jason Dekers Taylor, Nassau, Bahamas

"Ocean Atlant"

The creator of many sculptures on the ocean floor, JasonDekers Taylor is also the author of the largest underwater sculpture depicting a girl who, like the ancient Greek Atlanta, holds the ocean on her shoulders. The height of the sculpture is 5.5 m, weight is 60 tons. According to the author's intention, besides the aesthetic figure, it has practical value, being an artificial coral reef.

25. Nelson Mandela, South Africa

Nelson Mandela

Unusual monument to the anti-apartheid fighterEstablished in 2012 near the place where 50 years earlier, the future president of South Africa was arrested. The sculpture consists of 50 intricately carved laser columns of steel from 6.5 to 9.5 m in height. At a distance of 35 m under a strictly defined angle, the columns create a recognizable Mandela profile.

26. "People by the River", Zheng Hua Cheng, Singapore

"People by the River"

A series of sculptures of the Singapore artist Zheng HuaCheng, which includes this composition of the five bathing boys, sends the viewer to those times when the banks of the river were not yet dressed in stone and hundreds of children living in the neighborhood, ran to swim in the river.

27. Kelpy, Andy Scott, Falkirk, Scotland, United Kingdom


Kelpi - a water spirit from Scottish mythology, which was in the image of a horse. 30-meter horse heads form the gate into the canal of Fort and Clyde and symbolize the important role of horses in the life of Scotland.

28. "No Violence", Carl Frederick Reutersweld, New York, USA

"There is no violence"

Stunned by the murder of John Lennon, SwedishArtist Carl Frederick Reutersveld created his bronze revolver with a knot tied to a knot, the barrel of which is directed upwards, as a symbol of non-violence.

29. "The Hanging Man," David Cherny, Prague, Czech Republic

"Hanging Man"

The sculpture depicts Sigmund Freud and his struggle with the fear of death.

30. "The Tide," Jason Dekers Taylor, London, UK


Four horse riders on the banks of the ThamesDisappear, they appear again depending on the tide. Instead of heads in horses, oil pumps. This sculptor and environmentalist Jason Dekers Taylor wants to draw public attention to the excessive dependence of mankind on oil.

31. "Day off", Marguerite Derricort, Adelaide, Australia


Four bronze pigs in full size andIn natural poses, each has its own name: Oliver, Truffle, Augustus and Horatio. This amusing sculptural composition is a favorite place for children who come here with their parents on weekends and go for a drive on the smooth backs of pigs.

32. "Peregrass", Robert Summers and Glen Rose, Dallas, Texas, USA


The largest of its kind is the bronze sculpturalThe composition consists of 49 bulls and three drivers and is installed in one of the parks of Dallas. The composition impresses with its scope: each bull is 1.8 meters high, the herd walks along the rough terrain, small streams come on their way, some animals go slowly, others run - the artist managed to realistically transfer the transfer of livestock that took place in Texas in the XIX century.

33. "Metallomorphosis", David Cherny, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA


His first installment in the States was the author of "The HangingMan "Czech David Cherny decided to hit the Americans - and he did it! His eight-meter head of stainless steel consists of parallel sections, from the place where the mouth should be, the fountain beats. The head rotates periodically around its axis, and starts moving as usual, and then "breaks up" into layers: some sections continue to rotate, while others "lag". However, turning around, all the parts come together, forming the original sculpture. The name of the installation, obviously, like the head itself, is collected from the sections: "metal + metamorphosis".

34. "Unknown bureaucrat", Magnus Tomasson, Reykjavik, Iceland

"Unknown bureaucrat"

The satirical monument to the bureaucrat vividly expresses our attitude to officials, the same throughout the world and therefore faceless.

35. The Hedington Shark, John Buckley, Oxford, UK

"Heditton Shark"

Established in 1986, on the 41st anniversary of the tragedyHiroshima and Nagasaki, the shark personifies an atomic bomb dropped on Japanese cities, and causes a feeling of powerless anger and despair over a nuclear catastrophe.

36. "Observer", Victor Khulik, Bratislava, Slovakia


The humorous sculpture of a man leaning out of the sewer hatch is often called "Man at Work", although he seems to have been distracted from work.

37. "Iguana", Hans Van Houvelingen, Amsterdam, Netherlands


In one of the squares of Amsterdam there are unusual inhabitants - 40 bronze iguanas crawling in the grass.

38. "Mother", Louise Bourgeois, London, Great Britain


Strange as it may seem, but the biggest inThe sculpture of a spider, the 88-year-old Louise Bourgeois dedicated her mother, who died when the artist was 21 years old. A ten-foot spider with marble eggs in a sack is not the only such creation of the Bourgeois. Similar sculptures can be found in different cities around the world.