Tired of work? Tired of domestic chores? Probably, you would give everything, if only to be in any of these 30 places:

1. In an unusual gazebo, surrounded on all sides by water, somewhere in New Zealand.

Unusual arbor

2. In a tiny boat, floating along the canals of the city of Colmar in France.


3. In a hammock in the form of a drop suspended to a palm tree, on the azure shore of the Philippines.

Hammock in the form of a drop

4. In the pool, creating a sense of infinity.


5. In amusing boating machines, able to transport you to the other side of the river in Switzerland.


6. On this tiny peninsula in Mycenae in Greece.


And this is only the beginning!

7. What about a "winged" swing right above the water?

Winged swings

8. For lovers of literature, we suggest plunge into the fantasy world in a library with glass walls in Germany.


9. Lie in a hammock on the island of Dedon in the Pacific Ocean.


10. And also in the jacuzzi on the roof somewhere in Gothenburg, Sweden.


11. In the Maldives in a house with a glass floor.

Glass floor

12. On the beach in the resort town of Sarasota in Florida.


13. On a swing in a tree house in Granada, Nicaragua.

Tree house

14. In the basin, located in the cave of the island of Santorini, Greece.

In the pool

15. In a tiny hut in Santa Marta, Columbia.


16. In this floating bungalow in the Maldives.


17. On one of the thousands of islands in Canada.

Island of Canada

18. In a whirlpool boat in Seattle, Washington.


19. This statue is in Puerto Vallarta, in Mexico.

A statue

20. Somewhere in the immediate vicinity of this pool.

Near the pool

21. In the restaurant right in the sea on Bora Bora.

Bora Bora

22. On the back of the Lama on Machu Picchu.

On the back of the llama

23. Swimming on the mattress in the pool with a cinema.

On the mattress in the cinema

Imagination played out? Then continue!

24. At the river resort of the island of Bali.


25. In a kayak, sailing along the Glacier Bay National Park in Alaska.


26. In the basin created by nature - Pamukalle in Turkey.


27. In the original cafe in Soneva Kiri, Thailand.

A cafe

28. Swiming the caves of the island of Kefalonia in Greece.

O. Kefalonia

29. At the puff in the bohemian backyard.

Back yard

30. In an ideal nook on a huge tree.

On the tree