Canyons, or, as the Europeans like to call them,Gorges will be a great place for adventure and incredible walks. And we in our article suggest to get acquainted with the most famous and picturesque canyons in the world.

Many of us, probably, would like to visitPlaces where the human foot rarely steps, and nature remains untouched. Such places include mysterious and beautiful canyons, which received their unique outlines due to the natural elements and "carved" abilities of the rivers that flowed through this area millions of years ago.

1. Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon1

Antelope Canyon2

Antelope Canyon3

Antelope Canyon4

Antelope Canyon is in the south-west of the United States, andTo get there and see the beauty of this natural phenomenon, you have to pay for the tour and guide, but these costs are worth it. Once in this canyon, the beauty of the local tunnels from the fiery reddish sandstone will open before you, which curl as if in a dance, playing with the rays of sunlight. Such stunning outlines of the canyon wall were obtained due to wind and periodic flooding after heavy rains.

2. Charyn Canyon

Charyn Canyon1

Charyn Canyon 2

Charyn Canyon3

Charyn Canyon4

In Kazakhstan there is a beautiful canyon in CharynA national park that is not far from the border with China. Here the most beautiful and enchanting landscapes in the whole region, and travelers can find themselves even extreme entertainment, such as: rafting, canyoning or trekking in interesting places. There is a charming Valley of Castles, which got its name because of a group of rocky mountains, winding along the bottom of the canyon.

3. Blyaid Canyon

Canyon of the Blyde River1

Blyde River Canyon 2

Canyon of the Blyde River3

Canyon of the Blyde River4

The Blyde River Canyon is in South Africa, and itIt is considered to be one of the largest in the world, and in the list of the largest canyons in the world, it ranks third. This canyon, 26 km in length, is easily accessible and fascinates tourists with its lush hills, saturated with subtropical greens, and the animal world here is simply stunning and diverse.

4. Kolka Canyon

Canyon Kolka1

Canyon Kolka2

Canyon Kolka3

Canyon Kolka4

The Kolka Valley, together with the eponymous canyon, wasFor a long time the most unexplored area in Peru. This valley was overgrown with legends, it was called the Lost Valley of the Incas, the Valley of Fire or Miracles, but to date, these places are known all over the world. Kolka Canyon, although it does not have such vertical slopes as the others, but its depth is more than 4 km, which allowed entering this canyon into the rating of the deepest gorges. Also here will be an unforgettable meeting with the majestic Andean condor, which proudly hovers over the gorge. And right on the popular hiking trails you can meet local people selling souvenirs and national clothes.

5. The Copper Canyon

Copper Canyon1

Copper canyon2

Copper canyon3

Copper canyon4

It's not possible not to mention the huge MexicanThe copper canyon, which includes six separate gorges. These canyons appeared due to the fact that in these places six rivers flowed. There are a lot of interesting and beautiful places for hiking and for lovers of bicycle tours or horse riding. In the canyon locals offer tourists to buy souvenirs and food.

6. Canyon del Sumidero

Canyon del Sumidero1

Canyon del Sumidero2

Canyon del Sumidero3

Canyon del Sumidero4

Another excellent canyon of MexicoSumidero. This canyon is considered one of the most beautiful in the world and the most popular among tourists. Sumidero is even depicted on the coat of arms of the state of Chiapas and is considered its main attraction. At the bottom of the gorge, the Grichalva River, originating in Guatemala, flows through two states of Mexico, flowing into the Gulf of Mexico.

7. Glen Canyon

Glen Canyon

Glen Canyon 2

Glen Canyon 3

Canyon Glen4

Glen Canyon is a national park of the USA,Located between the borders of the two states of Utah and Arizona, in which stretches the chic canyon Glen. Previously, it was an ordinary, not very remarkable canyon, but in the middle of the XX century there they began to build a dam that formed in this area a quaint Lake Powell. The lake began to attract curious tourists, and with time more and more people began to come to admire it, thanks to this the Glen Canyon became famous.

8. Coyote Butts Canyon

Coyote Butts Canyon 1

Coyote Butts Canyon 2

Coyote Butts Canyon

Coyote Butts Canyon 4

Coyote Butts Canyon is also located between statesUtah and Arizona in the US, he became famous for his undulating wall shapes. Scientists believe that in the place of this canyon a little less than 200 million years ago there were sand dunes, which eventually became petrified. And all these millions of years the wind, rivers and other natural influences formed the gorge, and now we can admire these beauties first hand.

9. Bryce Canyon

Canyon Bryce1

Canyon Bryce2

Canyon Bryce3

Canyon Bryce4

Canyon Bryce in southwestern Utah believeA real huge amphitheater, a miracle of nature and a landmark of the US National Park. From its greatness and natural beauty, it simply captures the spirit. This canyon appeared due to the erosion of sedimentary rocks of rivers and lakes, as well as to the effects of wind, water and ice.

10. The Kali-Gandaki Canyon

Cali-Gandaki Canyon1

Canyon of Kali Gandaki2

Canyon Kali-Gandaki3

Canyon of Kali Ghandaki

In Nepal, there is one of the largest canyons inEarth, which has the same name Kali-Gandaki with a river flowing along its bottom. The depth of the canyon from the highest peaks was 6.8 km, so it is considered the deepest in the world. His landscape is very popular with photographers around the world.

11. Canyon Heile Turzi

Canyon Heile Turzi1

Canyon Heile Turzi2

Canyon Heile Turzi3

Canyon Heile Turji is in Romania, its steep and steep slopes attract extremists from all over the world. This canyon has a very narrow bottom, which makes it different from the others.

12. Canyon of Waimea

Canyon Waimea1

Canyon Waimea2

Canyon Waimea3

Canyon Waimea4

Canyon Waimea is located in Hawaii and is consideredThe largest in the Pacific Ocean. Here, nature is untouched by man, which has been formed for millions of years, so this gorge is so popular among tourists. Here, nature is protected by law and foresters, so everything is preserved in its original form. It is believed that this canyon arose during the movement of the earth's crust, after which its relief and landscape "carved out and changed" the river Vaymea.

13. Canyon of Palo Duro

Canyon Palo Duro 1

Canyon Palo Duro 2

Canyon Palo Duro 3

Canyon Palo Duro 4

Palo Duro's Texas canyon, though it can notBoasting its depth, a maximum of 256 meters, but it is included in the TOP of the largest due to its length and width (from 9.6 to 32 km in width and 193 km in length). This canyon is very photogenic due to the fact that its walls are composed of multi-colored rocks, and landscapes are simply unsurpassed.

14. Canyon Yarlung Tsangpo

Canyon Yarlung Tsangpo1

Canyon Yarlung Tsangpo2

Canyon Yarlung Tsangpo 3

Canyon Yarlung Tsangpo4

In Tibet there is a unique canyon Yarlung Tsangpo,Located high in the Himalayas, and on the part of North India, he seems to resist with all his might the streams of the Brahmaputra River, for which he liked kayakers-extremists, but for the present nobody succeeded in rafting along it from start to finish .. To reach the canyon is not very Simply, so there is still nature preserved in its original form. Canyon Yarlung Tsangpo is considered to be the longest (240 km long) and almost the deepest (depth more than 6 km) on the whole Earth.

15. Canyon de Shelley

Canyon de Shelley1

Canyon de Shelley2

Canyon de Shelley3

Canyon de Shelley4

Canyon de Shelley became in the early XX centuryA national monument of the United States, to this day there have been preserved the ruins of settlements of the Anasazi and Navajo Indians. Archeologists find here artifacts of 4 periods of Indian culture, the oldest of which existed in 300 BC. It is noteworthy that access to this canyon is limited, tourists should be there only with a guide, in particular, from the Navajo tribe, except for the canyon section of the route "Ruins of the White House", it is open for free visits.