Once these places knew what joy is andChildren's laughter, and now they are forever frozen with horror and silence ... Carefully, these 10 abandoned amusement parks can dream you in the most nightmarish dreams!

1. "Gulliver's Kingdom", Kawaguchi, Japan (1997-2001)

The Kingdom of Gulliver

When not lucky, it does not carry it all at once, and it looks like the amusement park "Kingdom of Gulliver" has drawn all 33 misfortunes!


It would seem that the location for the construction was chosen just perfect - just two hours drive from Tokyo and before the eyes of the picturesque surroundings of Mount Fuji.

Bad location

But then, as luck would have it,The headquarters of the sect "Aum Shinrikyo", which took in the victim almost 7 thousand people, and a little later earned a plant for the production of nerve gas sarin.

Dangerous neighbors

Should I then mention the neighboring "Suicide Forest"?

Derelict park

Alas, "Gulliver's Kingdom" worked only 4 years and was closed ... because of the unfortunate location!

2. "Nara Dreamland", Nara, Japan (1961-2006)


If you consider your life unbearably boring andWant to cheer her up with a dose of adrenaline, then welcome to "Nara Dreamland" - an abandoned amusement park where you will be met by a bullet without warning!

Japanese Disneyland

Yes, this Japanese copy of California Disneyland is no longer a friendly place for kids and their parents.

Plan of the park "Nara Dreamland"

Park plan

View from above

view from above

Because of low attendance and large losses, the city authorities decided to close it, and on August 31, 2006, the park's employees forever drowned the engines of all the attractions and closed the gates to the key.

Eerie sight

Since then, double fences with barbed wire andPolice protect this terrible "children's dream" from visitors, but, thanks to the most desperate, able to get into the park at dawn (at the safest time), we can see these photos!

Park at dawn

3. "Wonderland" Chenzhuang, China (1998)

It was assumed that the "Wonderland" or "Wonderland", built 30 kilometers from Beijing will not only be an analogue of the American Disneyland, but a worthy alternative to it in Asia!


But, alas, you still have not heard about such a banal collapse of a children's dream - it turns out that the authorities and farmers have long argued about the price of land, and they decided that "neither yours nor ours."

Asian Disneyland

Now the abandoned territory is "decorated" with unfinished objects and farmer's gardens.

Corn fields

4. Okpo Land, Okpo-Dong, South Korea (1999)

They muffled the engines

Another terrible story, from which the blood runs cold ... Okpo Land Park was built in order to give children a smile, but instead began to take their lives away!


The last accident was too eloquent to allow the park to continue working ...

Takes lives

It turns out that during riding one of the ducks on the carousel turned over, throwing down a little girl.


A couple of years ago all the attractions were dismantled for details, and the land was put up for sale. But do you think there are people willing to buy it?

No one buys

5. Amusement Park, Pripyat, Ukraine (1986)

Only five days was not enough before the children of the Ukrainian city of Pripyat come running to buy tickets for the Ferris wheel in the amusement park.


Alas, the tragedy at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant has stopped this wheel forever ...

The wheel stopped

6. Six Flags, New Orleans, USA (2000-2005)

In 2005, Hurricane Katrina was wiped from the face of the earthMost of New Orleans, and with it, and all that made the city unique and special. The amusement park "Six flags" was one of the favorite places for family holidays.

Six flags

He was still remembered under the stylish musicalThe name "Jazzland", but after purchasing in 2002 the corporation "Six Flags Entertainment" gave him not only a new name, but a new life. Alas, the climate catastrophe spared only the slides "The Path of Batman" and today they were restored and transported to Texas.


And the current residents of New Orleans in the park "Six flags" meets an inverted clown and faded SpongeBob.

sad clown

7. "Joyland Amusement Park", Kansas, USA (1949-2004)

Country of joy

That's what it means - the price of human life ... The amusement park "Country of Joy" worked up to an impressive anniversary - 55 years and was closed only after one accident!


Then, with a 9-meter attraction, a girl flew out and suffered serious injuries. Since then, "Country of Joy" has become a land of forgetfulness and sadness ...

Place of oblivion

8. "LunEur", Rome, Italy (1953-2008)

Luna Park Rome

Luna-park "LunEur" was one of those thatCertainly fall into the frame of romantic films. By the way, it was opened by chance - in the framework of the agricultural fair in 1953, but so liked the residents of the city and tourists, which became the most favorite entertainment place.

Favorite place of entertainment

It's a pity that even the title "historical" did not save him from lawsuits from the "Union of Workers' Organization," and in 2008 the biggest and oldest amusement park of Italy had to be closed.

Closed due to lawsuits

Although, if you have an extra 16 million euros, the engines of carousels can earn again!

9. Dadipark, Dadizel, Belgium (1950-2002)


Almost 70 years ago, the pastor of the Belgian town of Dadizel helped open a small playground for the local residents.

Popular place

Since then, the place of entertainment has grown toA real amusement park and became the most popular among local and its guests. Alas, the democratic price of tickets did not guarantee complete security. And the accidents did not take long. The last and most sad happened to the boy, who on the water slide Nautic Jet tore off his hand.

Tore off one's hand

15 years ago, "Dadipark" was closed, and all the buildings and attractions went under demolition.

10. "Spreepark", Berlin, Germany (1969-2002)

It seems that the amusement park in East Berlin "Kulturpark Plänterwald" was the only one who was not happy to unite the GDR and the FRG in 1990.


After this historic event, he receivedA new boss and a new name - "Spreepark". But contrary to expectations, it is now double the number of visitors from 1.5 million to 3, it has halved!

After the merger

Alas, the owners did not cope with debts and "Spreepark" forever remained only a memory from childhood ...