Moscow photographer Kristina Makeeva visited this fairy tale - she spent 3 days on the deepest lake of our planet in the winter and shot a fantastic photo report!

1. "Baikal is impressive. This is the deepest and cleanest lake on Earth, "says Christina. And when we planned this trip, we did not even expect that everything would be so wonderful, majestic and fabulous ... "

Baikal is impressive

2. "Baikal so fascinated us with its beauty that all three days of the trip we could not sleep ..."

Carried away by beauty

3. "Just imagine a frozen lake that is 600 km long and has an ice thickness of 1.5-2 m. Yes, a car weighing 15 tons can easily pass through it!"

Length 600 km

4. "In every part of the lake, ice has its own pattern, and all because the water freezes layer by layer ..."

Patterns on ice

5. "By the way, ice on Lake Baikal is the most transparent in the world, and you can consider fish, green pebbles and even plants on the bottom!"

The clearest ice

6."Baikal in winter time and attracts travelers. They move around the frozen surface on sledges, skates and even bicycles. The most extreme pass several hundred kilometers, break the tent on the ice and stay for the night! "

Attracts travelers

7. "You will not believe, but on some parts of the lake the ice looks like a real mirror, and you can even take your reflection on the camera ..."


8. "This is an amazing place. Very spiritual and atmospheric! "

Soulful place

9. "The ice cracks incessantly. When the frost gets stronger, it breaks. Did you know that the length of such cracks can reach up to 10-30 km, and in width they are about 2-3 meters? "

Crackle of ice

10. "It is impressive that the crackling of the ice by loudness and sound, more like a thunderclap or cannon shots. But thanks to these cracks, fish always have oxygen! "

A roll of thunder

11. "Ice on Lake Baikal until May, but in April you will be afraid to step on it ..."

Ice till May

12. "And if you saw a lot of frozen bubbles in the ice, then you know - from the bottom, methane gas emitted by algae rises to the surface"


13."The legend says that Baikal's father had 336 rivers of sons and one daughter - Angara. All the "sons" fell into Baikal in order to replenish its reserves with water, but the daughter fell in love with the Yenisei, and began to take water from her father for her beloved. In anger, Father Baikal threw a stone block at his daughter, but never got into it. Since then, this clay-rock is called the Shaman stone and the source of the river Angar! "


14. But the legend, after all, is intertwined with the truth: Angara is the only river flowing out of the lake, all the others fall into it!

And the truth

15. Well, is the winter Baikal not the most beautiful place in the world?

Is not this the most beautiful place