If recently you are increasingly fascinatedPhotos of paradise corners of our planet and famous tourist baits, cutting down the family budget in favor of the upcoming rest, so we have prepared this collection on time for you!

Social networks often "please" theirUsers of photos from the series "expectation / reality." But in fact, well, who among us did not come across the ridiculous purchase of clothes through the Internet, a failed recipe from a fashionable food blogger or the non-working advice of a cosmetologist?

Well, if in recent times you are increasinglyfascinate pictures paradises of our planet and the well-known tourist lures, trimming the family budget in favor of the upcoming holiday, so we have prepared another time selection for you!

So, what are tour operators telling you in the booklets, and what can you see when you arrive at the place ...

1. In your dreams, you are already updating a profile photo with views of the great pyramids of Giza after a holiday in Egypt?


Yeah, on this treasured frame you definitely will not look lonely ...

Pyramid reality

2. Plans for finding oneself, pacification and complete relaxation in the Celestial Empire can also ...

the great Wall of China

... Cover yourself with a copper basin!

Wall reality

3. Prepare for the Selfie with the main exhibit of the Louvre?

The Louvre

Yes, yes, to capture yourself against the background of the Mona Lisa at that moment another couple of such naive clever people dreams ...

Jokonda reality

4. Oh, yes ... the beaches of Rio de Janeiro are so hot and inviting!


Alas, for the whole vacation you can and do not find a place for your chaise lounge!

Rio reality

5. Walking on a gondola on the canals of Venice as a gift for your beloved on your birthday?

Canals of venice

It seems that such a thought came to you not only ...

Venice reality

6. Oh, Stonehenge is beautiful at sunset!


And every night in this convinced several hundred tourists!

Stonehenge reality

7. Your holiday in the Maldives worker travel agency for sure will describe how to shoot in advertising a famous coconut bar, but ...


... expectation may not be so paradisiac!

Maldives reality

8. All my life dreamed of visiting Zita and Gita's homeland and even bought saris for the sake of the coveted memorable shot against the background of the Taj Mahal?

Taj Mahal

Then take a couple more lessons on working in Photoshop ...

Taj Mahal Reality

9. Do you think that the slopes of Everest are lonely, silent and submissive only to the elect?


Well, well ... Just do not forget to pick up the costume brighter, then to find yourself in the photo!

Everest Reality

10. Yes, we know that the photo at the Trevi Fountain in Rome is the number one item in your journey through Italy, but ...

Trevi Rome

... please do not take it all to heart!

Trevi reality

11. And, it seems that on the famous Spanish steps in Rome to make a romantic photo with your beloved, too ...

Spanish steps

… will not work!

Spanish Steps Reality

12. But can you get to visit St. Peter's Square and the incredible beauty of the basilica in the Vatican?


Oh, no, we were wrong ...

Vatican reality

13. Just do not despair - the symbol of Athens The Acropolis is high and not every tourist wants to torture himself so under the scorching rays of the sun.


But why did not they warn that there was nothing to look at anymore?

Acropolis reality

14. Mermaid - how she is feminine, beautiful and ...


... it is impregnable!

Mermaid reality

15. The most beautiful and sunny island of Santorini has also become a victim of advertising.


Now the fantastic views of his villages against the background of the sea want to see a few million more ...

Santorini reality

16. No one will call a frame with the falling Pisa tower banal ...

Leaning tower of Pisa

... After all, seldom will anyone be lucky to do the same again!

Leaning Tower of Pisa

17. Paris ... Did you dream of a meeting with him all your life? And if this meeting will also be in the arms of a loved one?


And at such times everything will be arranged in places by the dictum of JK Chesterton: "A traveler sees what he sees. The tourist sees what he came to see. "

Paris reality