The article contains a selection of countries where it is cheaper to live, so you can also choose a paradise for yourself, which you can move at any time.

There are such countries in which our citizensThe average income will feel rich, getting a warm sea, and exotic fruits at your side. In Europe and the US, many people after moving to a well-deserved vacation began to move to live in countries with a low cost of living, because a pension of 500-1000 dollars there you can live, not denying yourself anything.

1. Thailand

Thailand terrain

Thailand beach

Thailand market

Solar Asia is one of the most favorite places forThe migration of Russians, and Thailand is not chosen by chance, since here the average salary of a Russian is a decent condition, despite the fact that the rate of one Thai baht is approximately equal to two rubles.

You can live right on the azure coast inSurrounded by palm trees and a warm sun. Of course, this is not about living in tourist places, but about the option of living as an ordinary Thai citizen. To rent comfortable accommodation with one or two rooms with all the amenities in the center of Bangkok and, maybe, even with a swimming pool, it is possible for 22 thousand rubles. Such prices for similar housing in Moscow or St. Petersburg can not be found.

A full dinner in a Thai cafe - the first, secondWith meat and drink - will cost you 200 rubles, but if you cook yourself at home, the cost of food will be even lower. Such prices can be found in the center of the resort towns, and if you move to a less popular city, the costs can be reduced by half. But what is expensive here, so it's gasoline: about 100 rubles per liter.

2. India

India locality

India view from the window

India market

India is a country of contrasts, a mixture of ancientCults and customs with modern technology. Here, living in a penthouse, from the window you can see the local slums, and on the central streets there will be painted yogis in a state of trance and monkey. But the cost of living for us here is lower, therefore, having earned in Russia, you can live luxuriously in India, since here the value of the 1st rupee is a little more than a ruble.

Even in the high season on Goa can be removedAn excellent apartment with amenities for 20-25 thousand rubles a month. But the local cuisine, of course, for an amateur, but if you have it to your liking, a hearty lunch in a local shack will cost from 70 to 200 rubles.

3. Indonesia

Indonesia city

Indonesia residents

Indonesia countryside

Indonesia in general offers incredibly lowprices for accommodation, you can invest $ 150 per month, but without the glamor, but that you are able to decide how much you want to spend extra. A full dinner here will cost only 1 dollar. But in this country is very high unemployment and low wages, so nice to live here will subject to income at home.

4. Bali

Bali locality

Bali House

Bali meals

Bali is a paradise island owned byIndonesia, but here because of the untwisted resorts life will be more expensive than on the mainland. However, if you try to bypass the popular resort places and eat in Varungas for local people, then you can live here, as in Russia, but not in gray and dull courts, but in a paradise place near the ocean. Here the rate of the local rupee is this: 100 rupees costs about 0.58 rubles.

In Bali near the sea you can rent a decent roomA month for about 100 bucks, and a three-room apartment, if you look well, then for 400 green. Lunch for two here will cost an average of 230 rubles, and vegetarian dishes - even less. But if you settle in the less popular places of Bali, then renting and living will be cheaper.

5. The Philippines

Filipino city

Filipino beach

Filipino market

In the Philippines, too, live cheap, except forOf the capital city, since it is very popular with tourists, so if you want to live there, where it is cheaper, it is better to choose other cities, except Manila. The local peso rate in relation to the ruble was on average 1 to 1.70, respectively.

Most of all for cheap and comfortableThe foreigners choose the province of Cebu, which is quite developed, but the prices here are low. Rent a whole house with amenities can be found for $ 300 a month, and a comfortable room for two in the hotel - for 1200 rubles per day. Nourishing food can be within 100-150 pesos, and if you want exotic fruits, then follow them to the market, where they will cost you almost a penny.

6. Cambodia

Cambodia countryside

Cambodia built

Cambodia Market

Sunny Cambodia will meet you with its AsianColor, unusual old temples and strange cults. This country is considered the most popular among budget tourists, wishing to find a place where you can live without spending a lot of money. Rent a two-room apartment with amenities here can be from 300 dollars, and a two-storey house with two bathrooms, three bedrooms and a front garden - for 550 bucks.

A hearty dish in a cafe will cost $ 3, and if you want to visit a European restaurant, then you'll have to shell out about $ 5.

However, here everything is not so sweet. On the wild beaches that are not very clean, the packs of stray dogs and forest dwellers calmly walk around.

7. Vietnam

Vietnam beach

Vietnam built

Vietnam market

The coast in the South-East of Vietnam beginsTo gain popularity among travelers, as here the chic tropical forest stretches on 11 hectares, and the most beautiful coral reef off the coast is considered the best place for underwater excursions and hunting in all of Asia.

Since these places are not yet well-promoted,Even on weekends it is not too dense with tourists, so renting decent housing will be 150-200 dollars a month. But it is worth noting that in close proximity even on the beach with you constantly there will be local residents.

8. Laos

Laos Town

Laos locality

Laos market

Laos is famous for its mountains, Buddhist cultureAnd extreme alloys on rubber boats along mountain rivers. Living in Laos is not only beautiful, but also cheap, as renting housing with chic here will cost a maximum of $ 20 per day, and a budget option can be found for $ 9. If you rent a house in Laos for a month, then you can count on 150-200 dollars for a comfortable odnushku in the sleeping area.

When the time comes for lunch, you can eat at the cafe for 2-4 dollars. And if you want to rent a bike to travel around Laos, then it will cost only $ 10 per day.

9. Nepal

Nepal city

Nepal houses

Nepal market

Nepal has earned the glory of a mystical country withThe Asian center of spirituality. Travelers like to come here, who are looking for their way and like to philosophize on the subject of being. For budget tourists this is a real Paradise - you can admire the local sights, beautiful nature and the abundance of temples for literally a penny. For example, renting odnushki in Kathmandu will cost you a maximum of $ 200, and the most expensive dish in a luxury restaurant is a maximum of $ 8.

10. China

China town

China attractions

China market

China is a huge country in which there are wildDesert plains, picturesque countryside and megalopolises with skyscrapers and other benefits of modernity boiling with active life. But, despite this, China is quite a cheap country for the life of an intourist, and the level of income here is not much like that of a poor Cambodia, but much more worthy. The taxi ride around the city costs an average of one dollar, lunch - $ 2, and rent a chic apartment with several rooms and all amenities in an excellent location, including utilities, security and other benefits, you can for 20 thousand rubles.

11. Bulgaria

Bulgaria beach

Bulgaria city

Bulgaria market

For those who do not like the flavor of Asian countriesAnd you want to live cheap somewhere in Europe, it's best to go to Bulgaria. Of course, very low prices for housing, as in some countries in Asia, there is not, but in Bulgaria it is much cheaper to live than anywhere in the European Union.

If you try, then in the residential area of ​​the capitalOr a province you can rent a great apartment for $ 200 a month. In addition, there are wonderful beaches and beautiful, exactly, not worse than in France. By the way, if you want to relax by drinking a bottle of beer, then here it will cost you only 80 cents.

12. Romania


Romania city

Romania market

Romania - another inexpensive to stayCountry in the European Union. Here, of course, is not as warm as in all previous countries and there are no azure shores, but in a very beautiful architecture, many ancient castles and other sights. The forests and mountains are famous for their beauty, where you can go skiing in winter and settle in an ice hotel.

Despite the fact that the prices here are higher in comparisonWith poor Asian countries, all the same, living out is cheaper than ours. Lunch in the cafe will cost a maximum of 350 rubles, and renting will be 14-23 thousand rubles in the center and 8-17 thousand in the sleeping areas.

13. Nicaragua

Nicaragua beach

Nicaragua City

Nicaragua market

This country is just a real paradise for the budgetLiving people who love to save. In Nicaragua, everything costs everything: housing, food, entertainment, transport rent. There is enough for $ 1000 for two to live in comfort in a huge apartment, not denying yourself anything, and even invite a housekeeper to clean the house several times a week.

14. Guatemala

Guatemala City

Guatemala City

Guatemala market

Guatemala is an interesting country with a richCultural heritage and attractions, accommodation in it will be inexpensive, but beautiful. The removal of a comfortable and spacious one-room apartment per month will cost $ 200, and 25-30 bucks a month will suffice with a head on food. And also here is the present abundance of tropical fruits, which cost a record low.

15. Honduras

Honduras beach

Honduras city

Honduras market

Honduras jokingly, we used to tie all sorts ofAbsurdities associated with politics, but today this country is very rapidly developing in the tourist direction. Here, not only cheap and fun, but also very beautiful, romantic and delicious.

Nourishing food will be only $ 3. But to know that the city of San Pedro Sulla is better not to visit, it is recognized as the most dangerous city in the world where markets and streets are constantly patrolled by the military, so foreigners there do not belong.

16. Mexico

Mexico beach

Mexico city

Mexico market

In the culturally developed city of Guanajuato in MexicoA beautiful apartment can be rented for 150 - a maximum of $ 200 a month, go to the cinema - for $ 3, and drink a glass of beer - less than a dollar. Mexico is a very beautiful and free country, with azure beaches and interesting colors.

17. Albania

Albania beach

Albania locality

Albania market

The southern part of this blooming country is a great placeFor a quiet and dignified life. It has a mild Mediterranean climate and beautiful views. Living in this country, unlike its European neighbors, is much cheaper.

A decent apartment can be rented for only $ 100-120, you can drink a bottle of beer for 90 cents, and tasty and satisfying meals - for $ 6.

18. Peru

Peru city

Peru beach

Peru market

In addition, that it is inexpensive to live and shootComfortable accommodation can be from 150 dollars a month, in Peru, you can also find yourself an occupation to your liking, to see the stunning beautiful places and visit the famous and mystical place of Machu Picchu.

All the necessary food (cereals, vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, etc.) here is a mere penny, even a kilo of fresh salmon will cost no more than $ 20.

But what is really expensive here, is - the Internet with a terrible speed (and not everywhere there). Depending on the area, prices can range from $ 20 to $ 200 per month.

19. Belize

Belize beach

Belize city

Belize market

This small country in Central America does notSo popular with tourists, as with different investors because of offshore zones. But here it is very beautiful, and travelers who have visited the local azure shores of the Caribbean Sea travelers note the beauty of the local places and the cheapness of living.

Here enough 500-600 dollars a month for the whole family, this amount includes renting a large house, good food and fresh fruit.

20. Ecuador

Ecuador city

Ecuador local

Ecuador market

Ecuador is the most popular country to live inAmong pensioners. There is a mild climate, beautiful nature, many parks and interesting local people. Ecuador is considered the center of the world, therefore enveloped in a fabulous atmosphere.

For a decent apartment here have to lay out150-200 dollars, a hearty meal at a time will be $ 2.5-3. In general, 1000 dollars here is enough for a quiet and interesting life in full prosperity.