If you are an amateur to travel to places with a centuries-old history, from which it is archaic, take a look what ancient castles are still inhabited by people and even ghosts.

Modern skyscrapers and designer exhibitionCenters gradually supplant traditional architecture from cities. Against the background of their popularity, the desire to live in a secluded castle seems extravagant. Nevertheless, in every corner of Europe you can find old houses, preserved thanks to the efforts of loving owners. And let them not so comfortable, as equipped with the latest technology penthouses - the castles have their charm.

1. Chateau Plessis-Bourret, France

Chateau Plessis-Bourret France

Its appearance is so severe that the castle is fasterResembles a defensive fortress. Its interior decoration will amaze even the most experienced person accustomed to luxurious decorations. It was not subjected to any modifications: a truly unique shato makes absolute preservation of the primary design. Plessis-Bourret was built in 1472 by Jean Burr, who occupied the post of Minister of Finance under King Louis XI. Buret's bribe-taker was so afraid of the uprising of the inhabitants of his lands that he ordered to protect the palace with the widest moat in France. The lifting bridge, making possible the exit from it, is used for its intended purpose so far.

Modern masters do not hide their belongingsThe monument of history is neither from curious tourists, nor from film directors. In 2003, Penelope Cruz spent several unforgettable weeks in the castle, starring in the film "Fanfan-tulip" together with Vincent Peres. Today, anyone can follow suit by renting one of the Plessis-Bourret rooms as a hotel room. For those who prefer a five-star system, there are free and individual guided tours with a duration of several hours.

2. Queen's Residence in the County of Berkshire, England

Queen's Residence in the county of Berkshire England

Windsor Castle - the largest and most famousAmong the still considered living brethren. Its magnificence and scale frighten and amaze at the same time: on the area of ​​45 thousand square meters there is a complex of buildings with 1000 living quarters. For 900 years Windsor belongs to the ruling dynasty and all its members have the right to modernize the estate to their taste. Each new monarch expanded and expanded the area of ​​the estates until the adjoining hardwood forest became a Berkshire park. At the end of the last century, the Queen's residence was urgently renovated due to extensive fire.

The English Queen today uses WindsorAs a means of defeating the heads of other states and other distinguished guests. She invites them to live in rooms decorated with original Rembrandt and Rubens, antique candlesticks and gilded molding on the ceiling. Who after this can deny a political request to the royal person?

3. Berkeley Castle, England

Berkeley Castle England

The second most populous palace in England afterWindsor. At the end of the 12th century, he was bought by the name Berkeley, who is in the title of lords. In 1327, members of an influential family willy-nilly became guardians of the prison in their own house. Opponents of King Edward II overthrew him and placed him in Berkeley, demanding from his owners of the obligation to prevent any attempt to escape. In the same year, from the rest of the castles in the district, the estate began to distinguish a high fence instead of the ditch with water that was habitual to the eye in those days. For half a year the prisoner tried to leave Berkeley twice, after which he was executed by a new ruler.

The heirs of the castle inhabit only 20% of itsSquare: the rest is used as a hotel and a museum. But the main article of their income is the cinema. Interiors of Berkeley can be seen in the series "Wolf Hall", "Castle in the Country" and the film "Another of the Kind of Boleyn."

4. The Castle of Edinburgh, Scotland

Castle of Edinburgh Scotland

Built on a dying volcano, the palaceIt rises to 120 meters above sea level. Scientists have found out that the first walls appeared here in the Iron Age: they were built by soldiers who planned a raid on the tribes of the Angles. Edinburgh Castle for many centuries passed from the property of England to the Scottish and vice versa. Ten years ago, the British Ministry of Defense finally abandoned him. On the inhabitants of the largest tourist attraction of Scotland this decision did not affect. Since the beginning of the 20th century, the castle has a dynasty of caretakers, whose only responsibility is an hourly shot from a cannon during a light day.

5. Warwick Castle, England

Warwick Castle England

The overwhelming majority of the residents of the house areStars of television and Youtube. The estate, built in 1068 by William the Conqueror, is a regular participant of the show with psychics, "ghost hunters" and magicians. It even fell into the book "Houses with ghosts of Great Britain and Ireland." Anyone can find on videohosting the shooting of internal surveillance cameras with evidence of their existence.

Extreme temperature fluctuations, lightAnomalies and mysterious rustles suit the "Gray Lady" and her assistants. The pensioner, who is the heiress of the Earl of Warwick, is also familiar with it. Her figure for 100 years stumbles upon the inhabitants of the palace in its long corridors and scared away in fright at the sight of the children. She does not know how to go through the walls, so in Warwick they are used to suddenly opening doors. Those who saw her near, say that it is the ghost of an old woman, dressed in a gray dress. "Gray Lady" helps the poet with the title of Count Fulk Greville, smothered in the Water Tower in 1628. His cries, chilling the soul, are heard from the Tower several times a week. In addition to this couple, there are more than 10 unidentified ghosts in Warwick.

6. Rock Cashel, Ireland

Rock Cashel Ireland

In the castle on the cliff of Cashel, there is a cemetery keeper,Spontaneously arose at its walls. A group of medieval buildings, built in the 12-15th centuries, adjoins the chapel of Cormac - a small Romanesque church, in which the sarcophagus of the first owner of the fortress is kept, after which it was named. During the unexpected attack of the enemy, local residents tried to hide in the church, but all were brutally killed. They were buried there, and soon new graves began to appear around the graves of the unfortunate victims. According to legend, dozens of spirits also live there.

7. The Manor of Kronborg, Denmark

Kronborg Manor-House

The castle built in 1420 on the outskirtsCopenhagen is officially included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. In order to prevent capture by the Swedes, it was designed in the form of a complex system of labyrinths and underground passages. In Kronborg live creative personalities - directors, actors, screenwriters. Every spring they create a new reading of the theatrical production of Hamlet by William Shakespeare and present it to the audience.

8. Bran Palace, Romania

Bran Palace Romania

In the picturesque Transylvania there is an estateThe bloodiest inhabitant of Romania of all times - Count Dracula. Bran is a famous tourist attraction in the country, as well as a hotel with rooms in the form of wooden log cabins, decorated with tiles. The legendary vampire liked to stay in it during his lifetime, but he did not leave behind any reminders in Bran. The interior of the castle has been preserved since the time of Queen Mary: she lived in it after the Count and decorated it with a large number of books, porcelain and icons. The latter, according to rumors, were necessary to her to prevent night vampire visits.

9. The Pfalzgrafenstein Estate, Germany

Manor Pfalzgrafenstein Germany

Even native Germans are unable to pronounceThe name is correct the first time. It is located in the middle of the river Rhine: the island of Pfalzgrafenstein was once completely deserted and uninhabited. The fortress was built on it as a royal customs house, checking the ships passing by. Later it became the residence of the local nobility. In the twentieth century there was a state need to use the Pfalzgrafenstein as a lighthouse. Now there lives a caretaker and to go to visit him, you have to cross the Rhine in the old way on a boat.

10. Strengthening Castel del Monte, Italy

Strengthening Castel del Monte Italy

The author of this structure did not succeedTo discover. In the XV century it was created as an astronomical calendar, in each room of which you can find out the time by the solar clock or the date by the light calendar. In Castel del Monte 8 floors, each of them designed 8 rooms. Modern astronomers have managed to prove that the location of the fortress is really ideal for observing the starry sky. It was equipped as an observatory, in which scientists live all year round.