You can not even imagine how terrible fish can be. Meet - the most dangerous water monsters that live on our planet.

There are fish, whose teeth are sharp, like a bladeRazors, and they can represent no less danger to humans than, for example, a lion or a crocodile. Such monster fish live not only in the depths of the ocean, but also in freshwater rivers and lakes, and even in shallow waters. Therefore, when entering an unknown reservoir, especially somewhere in the tropics, you should not lose your vigilance.

1. Fish Pack

Fish Paku1

Fish Paku2

This fish can reach one meter in length andWeigh about 25 kg. Her teeth resemble the human form, but if this fish bites you, it will not seem to you. This monster inhabits the Amazon rivers, but after allowing sports fishing for this species, it spread in the waters of North America and Asia.

In 1994, in New Guinea, twoDeaths among fishermen. They were found completely riddled with teeth, death came from loss of blood. It was not immediately known which beast attacked the men, however, as it turned out later, the fish made the pack.

2. Electrical acne

Electrical acne

This creature, similar to a mixture of snake and fish,Is found in the Amazon and the rivers of South America and when danger or prey occurs, it hits its victims with an electric current of 600 volts. Such a level is enough to kill a person.

3. Atlantic headfish

Atlantic heady fish

In appearance, this fish resembles the presentMonster with a terrible set of small and sharp teeth. Its weight can be 30 kg, and the length of a heady fish can reach 2 meters. The monster lives in the ocean and disguises itself among the sea cliffs.

When attacking, a large fish opens itsA huge mouth and bites his teeth into the body of the victim. In the mouth of the fish can fit a football, which it can swallow without difficulty. A man can not be saved from attacking such a sea predator, there is a danger even of being swallowed whole, since the size of the stomach, this terrifying fish, is almost the length of its torso. There have been cases when human remains were found in the stomachs of these fish.

4. Fish-tiger

Fish tiger1

Fish tiger2

A tiger fish or goliath is a real monster andA ferocious predator among the inhabitants of freshwater reservoirs. This fish can reach a weight of 50 kg, and huge sharp teeth can easily rip the victim to shreds. The bloodthirsty monster attacks and eats animals trapped in the river and will not refuse to attack the person. Basically, this fish lives in African waters, especially in the Congo River and Lake Tanganyika.

5. Catfish Bagarius

Fish Gunch1

Fish Gunch2

This catfish is also called gunch fish,Mainly in the river Kali, which is located between India and Nepal. This is a cannibal fish, it is the main culprit in the disappearance of people on the river. The weight of a catfish can reach up to 140 kg, and it can attack even with a crowd of people.

But people themselves are to blame for the fact that fishAddicted to human flesh, because the local people, according to ancient customs, send the half-dead bodies of the dead along the river after all Indian rituals along this river.

6. Fish of the papier

Fish of the paryara1

Fish of paiara2

Fish paiara or mackerel hydrolysis simplyStrikes the boundaries of human imagination - it's a fish-vampire, the real Count of Dracula in the image of a water inhabitant. The monster grows to 1.5 meters long and can weigh about 14 kg. The length of its lower canines can reach 16 cm. And it applies its own fangs of the parasite, precisely knowing the location of the internal organs of the victim. Therefore, a carefree person bathing in the Amazon rivers can get a deadly bite from this terrifying fish. She clearly sticks her teeth directly into the heart or lung, thereby killing her prey once.

7. Fish-stone

Fish stone1

Fish stone2

Wart or fish-stone is one of the mostPoisonous fishes in the world. This sea fish is a master of camouflage among coral reefs. She masquerades as a stone, sprinkling herself with sand from the bottom, and waits for her prey. To eat this fish, of course, can not, but to kill - easily.

Since this fish is very similar to stone and livesIt is more in shallow water, a person can step on it, for which he will receive a dose of deadly poison. The most terrible thing is that there is no antidote for the poison of the fish-stone, and the person dies in terrible agony, because the poison does not act lightning fast, but for several hours. This fish is common in the waters of the Pacific and Indian Oceans, as well as in the shallow waters of the Red Sea, so our tourists have a real chance to meet this monster, for example, on a popular holiday in Sharm El Sheikh or Hurghada.

8. Fish of snakeheads

Fish of snakeheads1

Fish of snakeheads2

This dangerous predatory fish was first seen in RussiaIn the rivers in the Far East and Primorye Territory, as well as in Korea and China. But today, snakeheads can meet in the waters of other countries. He is not picky in food and eats all living inhabitants of rivers, as well as amphibians. On average, the fish can weigh 10 kg, but there were individuals that reached 30 kg. If a person bites such a fish, then it can cause serious injuries.

9. Vandelia fish

Vandelia fish1

Fish of vandelia2

This fish lives in the waters of the Amazon and is terrible forMan its size, paradoxically it sounds. Wandellia eats flesh, and thanks to its size (maximum 2.5 cm in length and 3 mm in thickness) can penetrate the human body through the ureter or anus and eat the flesh from the inside, bringing its victim suffering and suffering. This fish swims on the smell of blood and urine, since it is its food sources. But fortunately, such cases are very rare.

10. Piranha



A small and terrible piranha has in itsArsenal trapezius sharp teeth, which allow for a few seconds to tear off pieces of flesh. Her teeth dig into the flesh as easily as a warm knife cuts the oil. These fish reach a maximum of 30 cm in length, but they swim and attack in packs, and in a very short period of time, for example, from the cow carcass, only bones remain. If a pack of these voracious and bloodthirsty fish attacks a person, most likely, he will not be saved.

11. Fish-hedgehog

Fish ezh1

Fish hedgehog 2

This fish is notorious for being veryPoisonous, in its skin, intestines and ovaries contains a colossal amount of tetrodotoxin. This substance, falling into the body of the victim, affects the brain, causing paralysis and then death. Therefore, it is better not to eat this fish. However, in Japan, a delicacy is a dish prepared from fish fugu, which is a kind of fish-hedgehog. But they are trained by professionals who for many years have learned to properly cut fugue so that poison does not poison meat. But having no experience, on a platter you can give the person death with a fish.

12. The pilothouse ramp

Sawtooth ramp

Sawtooth slope2

The huge sawtooth ramp is dangerous for its longNose, on the sides of which are sharp, like a razor, sprouts. Just so to attack a man a seven-meter sting will not, but he has a heightened sense of territorial defense and very poor eyesight, so if a person finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time, then the ram will with all his might put his saw in and turn his victim into minced meat . The danger is also that this river monster is perfectly camouflaged and sometimes it can be noticed too late. However, this species is under threat of extinction because of the nature of human activity that is poisonous.

13. Fish of Guas

Guassee fish1

Guasse fish2

In comparison with fish, all the othersRepresentatives are just small fishes. Guasu is not without reason called the "Atlantic gigantic giant", because its size is terrifying. This fish weighs about 450 kg, and its jaw can be as long as 5 m. Such a specimen, like a large white shark or giant catfish, can swallow a person completely at a time.