China has long been famous for its unusual traditions, especially if it concerns a holiday like a wedding.

A motorcade of cars depicting a Chinese dragon

Chinese people revere dragons. They consider them wise mythical animals. In the Middle Kingdom they are called Lun and worship from ancient times. According to Chinese legend, the local dragons were the ancestors of those who lived in Europe. The latter clearly had a temper - they were bloodthirsty and evil. And Chinese philosophy teaches that the dragon is a symbol of the energy of Yang. In addition, the mythical beasts of this culture are always depicted with a long body resembling a snake.

At the head of the cortege, you can see though a small, but different from the rest car - it is red. Most likely, he plays the role of the head, which guides the rest.

Obviously, the movement of wedding cars in the form of a dragon, symbolizes a sensible and wise marriage. It also shows that the new family honors traditions and respects them.

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But that is not all. The Chinese strictly adhere to their traditions. We collected the most amazing of them.

Planned crying

Yes exactly. According to the ancient Chinese custom, a month before the wedding, the bride should purposely cry for an hour every day. A week later, a crying mother joins her, a week later - a grandmother, then - the bride's sisters, all this occurs in different keys. The purpose of observing this custom is to express the extreme degree of joy from the upcoming marriage. On the wedding day, the song-crying of the bride must be sung and the surrounding people assess how well she managed to do it.

5 incredible wedding traditions in China

Shooting in the Bride

Custom is not as terrible as it sounds. The groom should release three arrows (without tips, of course!) To the bride. When this is done, the groom takes arrows and breaks them in half as a sign of eternal love for each other.

5 strange wedding traditions in China

Red wedding

In Chinese culture, red is the color of love,Good luck and courage. The Chinese believe that on the wedding day, color is of great importance. Therefore, the bride's face is completely covered with a red veil, she moves around in a red wedding car. Accompanying the bride at the wedding ceremony, the mother keeps the red umbrella, which symbolizes fertility, all the time over her head.

5 strange wedding traditions in China 2

Cutting wedding cake

In China, as we have, it is customary to finish the weddingThe ceremony of cutting a wedding cake and catering guests. And cakes as well as we make beautiful and multi-tiered. But here they are cut from the bottom upwards - and for good reason, after all it symbolizes let upwards to success and well-being of a family.

5 strange wedding traditions in China 3