Consequences of sex

Eroded in the eighties, sexualThe revolution played a big role in the sexual development of adolescents. Modern methods of education are significantly different from those used 20-30 years ago. Sex today is not a taboo. From TV screens we see quite frank scenes every day, and thanks to advertising, frank show and entertainment, people all from an earlier age are convinced that sex is normal. Compared with our mothers and grandmothers, modern youth much earlier enter into sexual relations. Good or bad - there is no definite answer, but it is important that both young men and women of any age know about the consequences of sex, in particular, early.

Of course, sex is a pleasant process, but heCan leave a woman in the life of quite unpleasant consequences. These consequences of sex can occur immediately after or after a while. Having enough information, every woman can prevent any problems.

Consequences after the first sex

Each country has its own customs and traditions. This applies to sexual life. In different countries, the age for entering into a sexual life for a woman is different. In some countries this is 13-14 years, in others - not earlier than 17. There is no consensus on this issue. As practice shows, the consequences of early sex can be extremely unfavorable for a woman because she is not informed on this issue.

Sex without Condom Effects

  1. Possibility to become pregnant. Many girls mistakenly believe that from the firstSex can not become pregnant. In fact, very often it happens that a woman becomes pregnant exactly from the first time. This often leads to early abortions, stress and fear of sex. At an early age, these consequences can lead to profound psychological problems. Some young men and women believe that it is possible to avoid these consequences with the help of sex during menstruation. This statement, too, is incorrect, since the possibility of becoming pregnant exists on any day of the menstrual cycle.
  2. Opportunity to get infected. The likelihood of catching an infection during the firstSex is not less than at any other time. Initially, many women pay little attention to this risk. But it is worth remembering that in the female body the infection can be asymptomatic for a long time, but sooner or later it will manifest itself. Unspecified in time, the disease has a very negative impact on the future health of women and can go into a chronic form.

All the world's doctors recommend using a condom during the first time making love. Otherwise, the consequences of sex without a condom can be very deplorable for a girl.

Consequences after anal sex

In comparison with other forms of sex, analSex is considered the most dangerous. This conclusion of specialists is connected with the fact that anal sex significantly increases the possibility of getting bacteria from the rectum into the vagina. When bacteria enter the vagina, they begin to multiply rapidly, which causes an acute inflammatory process. This phenomenon is due to the fact that the microflora of the rectum differs significantly from the microflora of the vagina. If you do not follow the rules of hygiene and neglect of the condom, anal sex can lead to serious gynecological diseases in a woman.

Consequences of oral sex

The practice of oral sex does not protect against the possibility of contracting sexually transmitted diseases.

Consequences of abstinence from sex

In this case, any viruses and bacteria are transmittedThrough the mucous membranes, and the disease begins to develop in the mouth. Oral bacteria and viruses very quickly transferred to the partner, and often fall into the woman's vagina. </ P>

Consequences of lack of sex

Lack of sex at an early age does not lead to eitherTo what negative consequences. The consequences of abstinence from sex may occur in women aged 25-30 years and during menopause. It can manifest itself in the form of stress, depression and, according to doctors, gynecological diseases.