Pain after sex

According to an international study, about 30%Women experience pain after sex. When this problem occurs, some women immediately turn to the doctor, others prefer not to share their troubles with anyone. In any case, both those and others are interested in the question, why does the stomach ache after sex?

Common causes

Specialists in the field of gynecology say thatThere are many reasons why women have lower abdominal pain after sex. Each of them can be eliminated, which will make sex absolutely painless.

1. Inflammatory process. Inflammations of various kinds are the mostA frequent cause of pain after sex. Any infection can cause itching, burning or sharp pain in the vagina, abdomen or side after sex. In this case, doctors recommend using a condom without fail and urgently to go to the gynecologist. Not cured in time venereal disease can lead to deplorable consequences for both women and men. To identify the causative agent of the disease, it is necessary to pass tests for infection and undergo treatment with a gynecologist to both sexual partners. Otherwise, there is a risk of becoming infected again.

It is quite often that a phenomenon occurs whenA woman suffers from pain in the abdomen after sex, and the man does not feel any trouble. This does not mean that he is healthy. Men are often carriers of infections, which develop much faster in the body of a woman, and the man himself can not cause any symptoms for a long time. If men have pain after sex - this may indicate a neglected infectious disease.

There are cases when the inflammatory processIs caused not by an infectious disease. The intestinal rod or fungus when entering the sexual organs of a woman can cause severe pain after sex. In this case, sexually transmitted diseases, sexually transmitted diseases are not relevant here. Bacteria can get through the skin or saliva. To cause inflammation, they begin with weakened immunity in women - during menstruation, illness, pregnancy.

2. Spikes. Spikes exist in most women withAdolescence and, as a rule, do not show themselves. Unpleasant sensations can occur during a gynecologist's examination or after sexual intercourse. In this case, the pain after sex appears in the abdomen. You can remove discomfort with a properly chosen posture. If the pain becomes strong and persistent, then you need to see a doctor.

3. Cystitis. Many women suffer from cystitis in differentAge, from infancy and ending with old age. Cystitis is a urological disease that occurs due to inflammation of the bladder's mucosa. The inflammatory process, in turn, causes a wide variety of infections. To distinguish cystitis from another inflammatory disease is not difficult. With cystitis, pain occurs when urinating after sex. There are different ways of treating this disease at any stage of it. Before starting treatment, it should be

Pain after urination after sex

Consult a doctor. </ P>

If the pain in the vagina appeared after the first sex, you should not sound the alarm. This is a normal natural process and you do not need to treat it. In a few days, there will be no trace of unpleasant sensations.

In order to find out exactly why it hurtsAfter sex, you need to contact a specialist. But do not forget that any unpleasant sensations, if they are short, can be associated with an uncomfortable position for a woman during sex, and also, fear or tension.