Dangerous sex

Each of us is familiar with the phrase "dangeroussex". And everyone puts their meaning into this concept. For some people, dangerous sex is sex on days when pregnancy is likely, for others - some forms of sex, for others - unprotected sex. Let's try to figure out what sex can really be dangerous for, and what unpleasant consequences it can bring.

Dangerous days for sex

It is known that every woman has her ownIndividual days when she can become pregnant. Probability of pregnancy exists almost on any day of the menstrual cycle, but on the days of ovulation this probability is greatest. If a man and a woman are not prepared to become parents and do not plan a pregnancy, they should take care of protection during the days of ovulation. Most of the fair sex are ovulation in the middle of the menstrual cycle. If the duration of the cycle is 28 days, then ovulation is 14 days from the beginning of menstruation. It should not be forgotten that the probability of getting pregnant within 4 days before ovulation and 4 days after it is high enough. These days, the danger of unprotected sex is the highest. In addition, it is important to remember that you can get pregnant on any day, even sex during menstruation can be dangerous.

What is dangerous for anal sex?

Some women consider anal sex to be a perversion,Others are a variety and do not see anything shameful in it. In most pharmacies you can find special lubricants for anal sex. But before deciding whether this form of sex is needed, every woman asks herself whether anal sex is dangerous.

From a medical point of view, the danger of analSex is a threat to the health of women. One of the most common unpleasant consequences are: the possibility of infection, the development of hemorrhoids, unwanted pregnancy, cracks and ruptures of the rectum, constipation. All this can be accompanied by severe pain.

During the session of anal sex several timesThe likelihood of catching an infection increases. When bacteria enter the rectum into the vagina, their rapid multiplication and inflammatory processes begin. This is due to a significant difference in the microflora of the intestine and vagina. Regular anal sex can lead to neglected forms of genital tract disease, which is fraught with infertility for women. In order to prevent the possibility of the development of diseases, one must pay great attention to hygiene and use a condom.

A big role in this matter is played byPsychological factor. Anal sex is dangerous to deal with doubly, if a woman is psychologically not ready for him or does not want. In this case, unpleasant consequences can not be avoided.

What is dangerous about oral sex?

In modern society, oral sex is moreIs more common than anal. Nevertheless, for many women he represents a taboo. Oral sex poses a significant health risk for both men and women,

Than Sex is Dangerous

The fact that this form of sex does not exclude the riskTo catch diseases that are sexually transmitted. In this case, any disease develops in the mouth of a woman, and after a while passes into the mouth of a man. </ P>

Oral sex is dangerous to deal with unfamiliarMan. Many young men and girls mistakenly believe that the exclusion of the sexual act itself protects against diseases. Oral sex, like any other, should be dealt with only with the person in whom we are sure. Only in this case it is possible not to worry about venereal diseases.

What is dangerous sex in the heat?

Many doctors argue that having sex inHeat is unsafe for health, especially for men. In the heat of having sex more than usual, the heart rate increases and pressure rises. This can adversely affect the well-being of a man, especially if sex is caused by alcohol.