Why do I need sex

If depriving a person of sufficient food or rest, at best it will be very weakened, at worst - can die from exhaustion. And sex - do you need it as much for our health?

Our own sensations and conducted by scientistsStudies say about one thing - sex is necessary for every adult person. This is our biological need. Of course, we can do without it much longer than without water or food, and we will not die at the same time. But our life will lose a lot of colors, and on health and mood it will necessarily be reflected.

So why do people need sex?

  1. To meet the need for physicalContact and reduce anxiety and stress. The skin of a person is very sensitive to touch. Stroking, embracing and kissing stimulates millions of tactile receptors, causing the production of hormones that suppress aggression and relieve stress. And they cause a sense of happiness and euphoria, which are replaced by relaxation and peace.
  2. To meet the need for emotionalContact and spiritual intimacy. It is love making that allows many people to feel welcome. They never experience such a unity with a partner, as during intimacy.
  3. To reduce the pain. Great sensations that can be shared with a loved one - that's what sex is for, many people think. However, endorphin, which is produced during sexual intercourse, acts on our body as morphine, a powerful analgesic. With him passes any pain, including those caused by migraine or premenstrual syndrome in women.
  4. To maintain mental health. Feeling that they want us, love and appreciate, we believe in ourselves more. This confidence helps to cope with life's troubles and has a great influence on our mental balance.
  5. To improve physical health. Regular sex has just an unusual effect on our body! Not only is it a natural massage and gymnastics for the heart, thanks to which blood more actively saturates all the organs and tissues of the body, so the metabolism improves, and together with it - the condition of the skin and hair, the complexion. A strengthened blood flow is the prevention of many diseases caused by its stagnation.
  6. Also, with regular sex, there are more antibodies that stimulate our immunity, and collagen, on which depends the freshness and tightness of the skin.

Do we need sex more than men?

It is equally useful to both, and whySome of them need to have sex, but some do not? Simply everyone gets something of their own. For women, for example, it is the prevention of hormonal and functional disorders, including infertility. Still - confidence in the feelings of his chosen one. And the best way to lose weight and generally look great!

And regular sex for men is their sexual health, a feeling of love and support for women, an opportunity to express their feelings in this way.

And yet there are people for whom sex is more important than for everyone else. These are those who have not had intimate contacts for a long time. Why do they need sex:

  • To strengthen immunity, if he no longer saves from persistent colds;
  • To fight with insomnia, when you can not relax and can not toss and turn in bed;
  • Why you need to have sex

  • To eliminate apathy, depression and irritability - because sex makes people more happy;
  • For the prevention of skin aging, which occurs more quickly with a lack of sex;
  • To improve efficiency and organization - because when you have sex, blood actively nourishes not only the skin and internal organs, but also the brain!
To relieve sexual tension, especially ifErotic dreams and fantasies appear too often. There is no time for reasoning, why sex and why, it's just needed! Or the desire will become so intrusive that it will not allow thinking about anything else.