How often should you have sex

Sex has a beneficial effect on both men and women. It strengthens their health, raises the mood and overall vitality. Therefore, regardless of sex and age, sex should be dealt with as often as possible.

Insufficiently active sex lifeAffects the well-being, causing irritability or apathy, insomnia or decreased immunity and exacerbation of diseases due to blood stagnation in internal organs.

But the excess of sex is also not useful. Striving for the greatest number of sexual acts in one meeting, a person exposes his body to excessive strain, depletes him. So both men and women need as much sex as they want and as long as it gives pleasure, and does not wear out their body.

How often should you have sex?

Sexologists recommend 2-3 to 5 sexual acts inA week. They are sure that two times is enough. However, you may have a different opinion. If you need more - have sex, as much as you want. Satisfy your needs and your partner's health too! You do not have to follow any schedule, let alone experience that you make love less than 3-4 times a week. Especially when you consider that this pace is also an exception rather than a rule. You do not need to count how many times a week you get to have sex. Much more important is how much pleasure it delivers to you.

Each pair has its own norm

The saturation of sexual life depends onTemperament of partners, their age, habits, way of life. For example, there are people with low sexual activity. They do not need to strive for records, it is much more correct - to find your soul mate and love her not thrice in one night, but only once, but how!

But the southern nations have sex wantOften and they need it, because in their blood testosterone level is higher. He is tall and young men, so they can easily withstand real sex marathons. But with age testosterone is produced less and less, and so the desire is also reduced. The main thing is not to panic and not look for cures for impotence. As a rule, sexual activity goes down quite slowly and men to old age remain in the ranks, giving pleasure to themselves and their beloved.

Sex after wedding

It often happens that the sexual life of young peopleIs divided into the period "before" and "after" the conclusion of marriage. At first they want to have sex often and for a long time, hugs, kisses and caresses are needed, like air. And then the establishment of a joint life takes away their time and energy, romance is replaced in the evenings by a computer or television, a routine gets into the relationship. Spouses are annoyed at each other, trying to blow off steam on the side, and this only harms their relationship.

And it would be better to arrange sometimes meetings, asEarlier - only for two, do not get hung up on everyday affairs, paying more attention to each other. And even after ten to fifteen years of their feelings can remain ardent, and you can have sex as many times as you need young and temperamental couples. Perhaps not every night will be stormy and passionate, but after every romantic date, tenderness and love will encompass the spouses with renewed vigor.

And if sex does not happen as often as you want, then:

How many times do I have sex

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  • You quarrel a lot and find out the relationship;
  • Complex because of its appearance;
  • Computer, laptop, phone or TV in your bedroom distract you from love affairs;
  • Your partner or partner is less interested in you;
  • Your attraction is reduced because of contraceptives.

Any of these reasons can be eliminated - and it depends on you. Make an effort, if necessary, and have sex, as you love - often and tastefully, gently and leisurely, or ardently and ardently.