Regular sex

Many people do not know how much can beImportant and useful is regular sex. "With what?" - you ask. This is an important component of not only psychological well-being, but also physical health. Scientists from different countries of the world conducted research and surveys of thousands of people, after which they managed to establish the undoubted benefits of sex.

Pros of regular sex

Sex - an excellent antidepressant

Endorphins (hormones of happiness), excreted in the brainA person during passionate sex, effectively fight with melancholy and dull mood. After sex, the world around is seen in lighter and bright colors. If you make love regularly, a bad mood will have little chance to overcome you. It also has an effective soothing effect, with no side effects. Stresses and problems are removed and dissolved when you and your partner are having fun.

After sex, a woman becomes more beautiful

During sex in the female body beginsActive development of female hormones - estrogens. Under their action, the skin becomes smoother, acne goes away. Do you want to keep your youth longer? Often have sex! After all, under the influence of estrogens increases the elasticity of the skin, and this is the prevention of wrinkles. In addition, the condition of the hair improves.

Sex burns calories and makes the figure slimmer

During sex, you effectively consume energy andBurn calories. The more active your behavior in bed, the faster will appear a beneficial effect on the waist and hips. Especially well coaches muscles of a woman during sex pose "rider". And how your man will be happy to contribute to your weight loss!

Strengthens immunity and reduces pain

Sex work stimulates the immune systemSystem. With regular lovemaking, resistance to viral diseases increases. By the way, do you know that a headache is a bad excuse to give up intimacy? The fact is that this symptom is perfectly removed after sex. In addition, even a toothache subsides! In addition to these important advantages, the benefit of regular sex is also in the fact that the cardiac muscle is being trained, blood circulation is improving.

Is permanent sex harmful?

Let's find out what it means to have regular sex. Very good, when you are doing this pleasant and useful less than once a month, and at least a day, without making big breaks. Usually, constant sex is not bad at all. But there are exceptions, such as the restriction of a doctor during pregnancy. This does not mean that all 9 months must beware of making love. Only with the threat of miscarriage and the last month of pregnancy should be cautious. If you want to conceive a child, then it's also worthwhile to have sex less often so that the sperm can be more concentrated and you have a better chance of getting pregnant.

Love and sex

Regular sex with two people is very important forHarmonious relations in a pair. After all, while making love, you give your man the tenderness and affection that he needs. If there is no desire to make love, then a partner may have some doubts. What a big mistake many wives and husbands allow, considering sex as secondary and unimportant. After all, most of the changes are due precisely to the cooling and asexuality of the second half. It is not necessary to remove part of the blame and from the wife who was changed, maybe she was not attentive to the man, neglected him, did not care about her sexuality. It must be remembered that for men, regular sex is especially important. With a long absence of discharge, pain in the testicles occurs and spermotoxicosis may develop.

Constant desire for sex

What if the husband constantly wants sex, andYour need for it is less than that of him? Do not shift the problem to a partner. You can engage in oral sex, so you will spend less energy if you do not want to make love because of fatigue.

The constant desire for sex among women is alsoA normal phenomenon. Complexity arises when you want to do this with different partners. If you want one man and as often as possible, and he "shirk", then there are several ways to increase his libido:

  • Dress more sexually - down with homemade dressing gowns, fruit masks on the face with the husband and "charming" hair curlers;
  • Manifest yourself more actively, do not hesitate to talk frankly about your desires and first seduce;
  • Often go out together in a cafe, on a visit, for a walk - in general, to where everyday life will not be foul to act on your relationship;
  • Diversify your sex life by differentPoses and types of sex. Vivid impressions you are guaranteed to deliver oral sex. However, regular anal sex is best not to practice - it can be fraught with health problems.

Some women claim: "I want to constantly have sex only on certain days of the cycle, in the rest of the time there is no desire at all." Such women are subject to hormonal changes - the desire for sex is acute in them during ovulation, because it is at this time there is a strong hormonal surge.

Regular sex together

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But why do you want to have sex all the time?Two partners? It is possible that now you are absorbed in a sense of love for each other and the desire to be a part of a loved one does not weaken for a moment. It's just wonderful, enjoy this feeling and do not limit yourself! But do not forget about the precaution. In our time, only sex with a regular partner can guarantee that you do not pick up a bouquet of sexually transmitted diseases. Moreover, psychologically indiscriminate sex is also very harmful - it subconsciously causes a stressful state.