Why does it hurt to have sex

It's a shame when from sex instead of pleasureYou get only painful sensations. But it is necessary to say that such phenomena are not uncommon, at least once, everyone has experienced pain during sex. And half of women over 35 years of age note that periodically they hurt to have sex. Why this happens and what to do in such cases, we will find out now.

Why does it hurt during sex?

  1. Probably, no one has any questions whyIt hurts at the first sex (someone almost does not feel pain, someone first time was very painful, but all people had unpleasant sensations). But when intimate relationships become a habit, pain during sex is alarming. But if during sex, especially at its beginning, it became painful, then this does not mean that you have any serious problems. The most common problem is insufficient stimulation of the partner, and as a result, lack of lubrication. To remedy the situation, you need to pay more attention to foreplay and do not forget about intimate lubricants.
  2. Another cause of pain during intimacy may beIncorrectly selected pose. For example, many women like to have sex when the partner is behind, but some in this position are hurt. So do not pay attention to the opinion of the majority, the structure of the internal organs is different for everyone, and choose the most comfortable position for yourself.
  3. If there is itching in the genitals, they are verySensitive to touch, and it became painful to have sex, then the cause may be a thrush or other infection. In this case, a consultation with a gynecologist with subsequent treatment is necessary.
  4. It can also be painful to have sex afterChildbirth. In general, doctors advise to abandon proximity with penetration (oral sex to begin to engage in earlier) for 6-8 weeks after childbirth. So if you get hurt after sex, it's possible that the woman has not fully recovered. Although the first sexual contact after childbirth may be painful due to a change in the shape of the vagina. Now you need to experiment again with poses - those that you liked before, now can cause pain. Also, pain can be if there was a rupture of the perineum or its dissection during childbirth. For several months, the pain must pass, and to accelerate the process and make the skin more elastic at the points of rupture, it can be massaged with a water-based lubricant or gel once a day. But it is worth remembering that not passing pains during sex after birth can talk about serious complications, which means that you will need to contact a specialist.
  5. If it hurts to have sex after menstruation, yesEven the menstruation itself is very painful, then this may indicate a serious illness. Therefore here you can not do without a visit to a gynecologist. Moreover, you should not hesitate to contact a specialist, because untimely treatment can seriously affect your health. Some diseases in the absence of treatment or its late onset can lead to infertility.
  6. Unpleasant sensations can be in the classroomAnal sex. Why is this happening and what should I do if I have anal sex? Most often, the pain in dealing with this type of sex, especially if this happens for the first time, is due to fear and insufficient relaxation of the muscles.

    During sex, it hurt

    Solve this problem should help the partner, hisThe task to pass to active actions only when a woman is sufficiently excited. Unpleasant sensations arise and because of insufficient amount of moisture - the rectum still performs other functions in the body, and therefore, the necessary amount of lubricant does not emit. Therefore, before anal sex you need to stock up the gel. Another pain can arise in the presence of certain diseases of this sphere.
  7. Why else could it be during sex? In addition to diseases and the specific structure of internal organs, the cause of pain can be fear. The muscles of the vagina instinctively contract and interfere with penetration, hence the pain. If you can not cope with the problem on your own, the gynecologist and the psychologist will be able to solve it.