When can you have sex after cesarean?

Unfortunately, sometimes it happens thatThe delivery takes place by caesarean section, or briefly by COP. Cesarean section itself is an operation, and unlike naturally delivered, a freshly baked mother after cesarean is waiting for some difficulties: problems with stool, a ban on wearing and lifting weights, sitting. In addition, many women are concerned about the resumption of sex after childbirth. Someone is waiting for this moment with impatience, and some of the fair sex are afraid of intimacy, especially if the pregnancy ended in surgery. So, when is it possible to have sex after cesarean section?

Sex after cesarean section: opinion of gynecologists

Usually doctors recommend to refrain fromSexual relations and resume them no earlier than 6-8 weeks after cesarean section. It is this much time your body needs to come to normal after giving birth and giving birth. The fact is that at this time the uterus, from which the placenta separates, is an open wound. Therefore, a woman within a month after birth is allocated blood allocation - lochia. Over time, they take the form of diluted blood, turn yellow. While there is a selection of having sex is not safe, and the presence of lousy is unlikely to promote sexual attraction.

In addition, the existing opportunity toInfection in the postpartum uterus, therefore, surgical sutures also cause sex interdiction after COP. The most acceptable solution for gynecologists is to wait 1.5-2 months, go to a doctor and get a "permission" for sexual relations.

Sex and cesarean section: a view of psychologists

It is women who have undergone a cesarean section, more oftenAll are pursued by the fear of sex for psychological reasons. After the operation, a scar appears in the lower abdomen, which makes the fair sex feel insecure. To this are added not the left stomach, the possible cellulite and stretch marks. It seems to a woman that a scar deforms her, and she has lost her attraction for her husband.

In addition, a woman fears that after a cesareanCross-sex will bring pain or discomfort. Sometimes new mothers, due to weakening of the body after the operation and 24-hour care of the newborn, feel so tired that there is simply no strength for the intima.

Psychologists advise not to force yourself to startSexual relations, if you do not have desire or fear. However, this inattention can offend the spouse. It is necessary to talk with your loved one and explain the reason for refusing sex. He will be pleased and your touch and affection, because sex is not just a sexual act.

How to avoid pain during sex after cesarean section?

After cesarean section, pain during lovemaking can be pursued by a woman up to 3-4 months. Our recommendations will help minimize discomfort in sex:

  • If you decide on sex for the first time after birth, it is not necessary to bring the matter to an end. Limit the prelude, so you quickly get used to sex;
  • To avoid painful sensations during penetration, use a special gel lubricant.

    Sex and cesarean section

    It will also be useful if the woman does not have a natural lubricant;
  • Ask your partner to be more affectionate and patient;
  • Choose a position in which you can control the depth and frequency of penetration (for example, "rider");
  • Agree with her husband about intimacy in the daytime sleep of the baby, when the forces for sexual "feats" more.

Choose the time when you can have sex after the COP, should the woman herself. Of course, it is worth to focus on your own feelings and desires, but also to consult your gynecologist will not be superfluous.