How to attract good luck in your work

One bad day is normal, butIf in business and work one failure follows another, you need to take some measures. How to attract money and good luck in the work will tell the advice of specialists with esoteric knowledge.

How to attract money and good luck in business and commerce?

Luck is a very capricious person. In order to attract it, in business and trade it is necessary to observe the following rules:

  • It should not be risked in vain, putting everything at stake, success supports those who aspire to victory, and do not go to ill-considered actions;
  • one must adhere to an optimistic attitude, luck does not like pessimists;
  • we must not forget about statistics, if once lucky, you need to pause a little and wait - the number of successes and failures is usually equal;
  • luck only supports active, so lying on the couch to wait for luck and money is useless;
  • it is necessary to listen to your intuition - the higher forces thus prompt the person how best to act in this or that situation.

To make money, you need to adhere to the following signs:

  • You do not need to lament and complain about poverty - so you will block the cash flow;
  • Treat money carefully, respect them - do not crumple, store them according to the seniority, recount;
  • in a purse there should always be coins and bills with the number "5" - they bring monetary luck;
  • Keep a "lucky" coin in your wallet - you can buy it or it can be an ordinary coin associated with some luck.

How to attract money and good luck in work?

To attract good luck at work, you need to improve

How to attract luck and money in trade

Circulation of positive energy. We must always maintain order in the workplace, dumping of papers and various things leads to the accumulation of negative energy. Rubbish and unnecessary paper should be discarded.</ P>

You can put a room flower on the table, whichWill contribute to the absorption of negativity, which is especially true if many people pass through the office. The ideal plant for the office is dienenbachia, but you can keep ficus, fuchsia, begonia on the desktop - the main thing is that the flower evokes positive emotions.