Border state

The modern world is a time of frequent stressfulSituations, competition between people and the development of various mental disorders. The structure of various neurological, mental diseases includes neurotic disorders that determine borderline states.

Borderline state - the severity of mentalDisorder, but relatively at a weak level, which does not reach the pathology. It is believed that the borderline is a state that is on the verge of health and disease. These include: obsessive conditions, asthenia or vegetative disorders.

The root causes of the disease include conflictsPsychological character that is experienced by a person. One of the deeper causes is the genetic predisposition of a person to a similar mental illness.

The borderline state of the psyche is itselfA set of disorders with a predominant neurotic level of behavioral disorders, human activities. A number of features that are observed with such changes are revealed:

  1. Preservation of the critical attitude of the individual to his own state.
  2. There is a painful change, often in the emotional personal sphere, which is accompanied by autonomic functional disorders.
  3. Psychological causes of disorders in the psyche, but organic.
Diagnostics of boundary conditions

Boundary states in psychiatry are not soHave clear boundaries in their manifestation, which is the difficulty of establishing a clear line between a healthy and borderline state of a person, since the standard of the mental level does not have any objective criteria.

Evaluate a person's condition, the presence of himPsychosomatic symptoms, you can track its interaction, adaptation to the environment. Any borderline mental states are assessed as a violation of adaptation to new and difficult for a person external, internal life circumstances. In some situations, such a violation causes various psychotic disorders (automatisms, hallucinations, etc.) or neurotic (emotional, etc.) disturbances in the mental activity of the individual.

Borderline mental states

Treatment of borderline states is performed atHelp psychological help. But one psychological counseling is not capable of curing a patient. Also, experts do not recommend appointing him sessions of classical psychoanalysis, because the degree of anxiety in people with borderline states is very high.

It is worth noting that in order to prevent borderline states, one must remember that one must protect one's physical and mental health and not allow all factors from outside to destroy it.