Discrimination against women

Discrimination can be defined as an unjustifiable difference in the rights and duties of a person based on a certain attribute. Female discrimination as a sign of gender implies.

It so happened historically that men -Owners of life, and women do not have so many freedoms and opportunities. Lately they have been fighting hard for equality, but they continue to face certain difficulties. The fighters for rights singled out such forms of discrimination against women as social, domestic and labor.

Social discrimination of women

Discrimination on the basis of gender is calledSexism. More often than not, it means the unjustified position of women in society, as the term was invented by feminists to describe a patriarchal society in which men have power over women.

Usually this is due to natural features,Like the fact that men are stronger and smarter, but recent gender studies disprove many differences, for example, in the functioning of the brain and innate behaviors, than feminists are happy to use, defending rights.

It is believed that the problems of discrimination against womenLead to a decrease in their social status, are violence against the person and even pose a threat to security. But is it possible to forget that discrimination of women in the world is distributed unevenly? In our society, those rights and freedoms that women can not defend due to the fact that they are naturally weaker, helps to defend the state. They are not sent to the army, they are paid maternity leave, the legislative system protects from the use of force.

Yes, there are significant differences in thoseResponsibilities that representatives of different sexes perform in everyday life, but this is due to the peculiarities that have been ingrained since childhood. Girls are brought up by the keeper of the hearth, they are taught to do housework. Men at us, first of all, getters, therefore often simply are not able to erase and wash utensils. Nevertheless, if it seems to you that in your family life you have few rights, but too many responsibilities, nothing prevents you from dividing them with your spouse and children, but you will have to work on it.

At the sight of our people, discrimination can manifest itself in a society of a different, eastern type. But we must not forget about completely different traditions and mentality, of which we can only draw up

Gender discrimination

A vague idea. It is not known whether those women consider themselves to be infringed, and whether they need their rights to be upheld.</ P>

Discrimination against women in the labor market

It's no secret that in some professionalWomen are much more difficult to realize themselves than men. If you do not take into account those specialties that ladies can not cope with purely physically, then discrimination against women at work can be expressed in lower wages, creating a "glass ceiling" (an obstacle in career growth) and restricting access to some highly paid professional fields.