family values

Quite often you can hear the phrase "relatives do notChoose ". Saying this, a person means that there is no connection with relatives, and if not for the rules of decency, then meetings with them would not be at all. But what about family values, traditions, everything that connects several generations into one whole, does not they really have a place in the modern world?

What are family values?

We gladly use conversationsThe phrase "family values", but this is difficult to imagine. It is really difficult to define really, family values ​​are what is important for the family, the necessary "cement" that a group of people with a similar genetic code unites in a friendly community. It turns out that in each family the main thing is something of its own: one needs trust, while others require the prosperity of the family business. It is obvious that in these two families the values ​​will be different. Therefore, to say what family values ​​should be, and even more so to tell about their hierarchy, the mission is impossible, each family has its own view on what is important for it, it sets priorities. And it's no wonder - we are all different.

For example, a relatively recent form ofRelations, in which the main family values ​​are comfort, common interests, respect. This is the so-called family-club, mutual tender feelings here fade into the background or do not play any role at all. For families who consider the basis of love, this form of relationship will seem wild, but, nevertheless, they exist. As there are many other forms of family relations.

Therefore, there is no ready-made recipe for whatValues ​​should be cultivated in their family. You can only consider what are the family values ​​and think what is right for you, and what will be useless.

What are family values?

  1. Communication. For any person, communication is important, he needsShare information, express your own opinion, receive advice and recommendations. Often the families do not have a normal system of communication, and we bring all our joys and anxieties to friends and psychoanalysts. When the family has a trusting relationship, then quarrels and quarrels are less, because many questions are resolved, it is worthwhile for members to sit down at the negotiating table.
  2. Respect. If family members do not respect each other, do notAre interested in each other's opinion, then normal communication between them will probably not be. It is important not to confuse respect and fear, children should respect their father, and not be afraid of him. Respect is expressed in the willingness to accept the feelings, needs and thoughts of another person, not to impose his own point of view on him, but to try to understand him.
  3. Feeling important to your family. Returning home, we want to see the joy inEyes of loved ones, we need to feel their love, to know that it does not depend on achievements and victories. I want to believe that in his free time every member of the family will find a moment for another, and not go head over into his problems. The house is a fortress, and the family is a quiet harbor, probably, everyone wants it.
  4. Ability to forgive. None of us is perfect and the family is the last place where we would like to hear reproaches and criticism in our address. So you need to learn to forgive others' mistakes and not to repeat your own.
  5. Traditions. Some have a tradition of going to the whole family for 9May at the grandmother-veteran of the Second World War, someone watches movies on Saturdays watching in the hall by the TV, and someone every month the whole family gets out of town (in a bowling alley, water park). Each family has its own tradition, but its existence is

    What are family values

    A rallying factor and makes the family unique.
  6. A responsibility. This feeling is inherent in all established people andChildren we try to plant it as soon as possible. But there must be a responsibility not only for working moments, but for the family, because everything we do for the family and all its members need to know this.

Family values ​​are mass, only the most common of them are listed. For many families, it is important to have freedom, personal space, order, ultimate honesty in relationships, generosity.