Gender and gender

Sex and gender are concepts that are essentially similar, both of which distinguish men and women. That's only if sex emphasizes the biological difference, then gender is a social role.

The concept of gender

If we turn to the definition of gender, then we canTo imagine the essence of this concept is somewhat wider. Gender is sex from the social point of view, that is, gender as an indicator that determines the behavior and place of a person in society, as well as how certain behaviors will be perceived by society. The concepts of sex and gender are closely intertwined, and the second focuses on the role of man in the society, as well as on his behavior that determines the relationship with other members of the society.

Thus, gender and gender are oneConcept, only gender emphasizes its social side. It is important to understand that in a broad sense, female gender includes not only women, but also men who are characterized by female social behavior (for example, people of non-traditional sexual orientation). In this respect, gender and personality are linked more strongly than gender and gender.

Gender and family

One of the problems of gender is differentGender stereotypes. The society seeks to give an assessment of the individual based on how she copes with her social role. As it is easy to see, the psychology of gender is such that a man is evaluated from the point of view of social and financial achievements, and a woman - from the point of view of acquiring a family and children. That is, even a successful woman managing corporation is considered a failure if she does not have a family. For a man, this situation will not cause inconvenience or condemnation.

However, in today's world, gender roles in the familyAre not always classified in the classical way. There are unions in which a woman earns money, and a man is engaged in home and children. In 30% of families, women earn more than their husbands, but this fact is not noted at all - and the reason for this is gender stereotypes.