Psychological rehabilitation

Quite often in our life there are situations,After which we lose interest in life, feel oppressed, unnecessary, sometimes even without the desire to live on. To restore the former attitude to life, establish contact with the world will help to achieve psychological rehabilitation, the purpose of which is to rethink a person's path, restore links with the outside world, productive interaction.

Psychological basis of rehabilitation

They are to adjust the emotionalState, which will shorten the time of recovery and adaptation, family psychology and therapy, the expansion of the information space. The task of such rehabilitation consists in accepting a new self, understanding lost functions, adapting to the outside world. Restoration of personal and social status of a person.

Psychological rehabilitation has a wideConcept. It is the final stage in the overall treatment, primarily in terms of restoring the social and personal status of a person. It is carried out with the help of psychological methods, which are aimed at eliminating various defects obtained during illness or in some situation (not necessarily physical). It includes treatment, prevention, adaptation to life and work after illness. In general, there is medical, psychological, professional and social rehabilitation.

Basic methods of socio-psychological rehabilitation

  1. Various psychotherapeutic effects on a person, hypnosis.
  2. Psychoprophylaxis.
  3. In some cases, the use of medicines of psychotropic effect.
  4. Of great importance is the favorable situation in the team, the family.
  5. Physical training.
  6. Occupational therapy distracts from problems, gives an opportunity to be realized in life, to show its importance.
  7. Methods of psychological rehabilitation

To summarize, it is worth noting that methodsPsychological rehabilitation should be aimed at achieving a high result. Constant counseling of patients will help in its implementation. Social rehabilitation allows them to adapt to the changed conditions of family and social life. These are activities that are aimed at improving the quality of life, creating equal opportunities for full participation in society. Thus, we must understand that the psychological restoration of a person has an important meaning, along with medical treatment. Do not neglect it.