Psychological adaptation

Psychological adaptation refers to one of theThe most important tasks of the social world. It depends on many factors: the requirements put forward by your environment, the types of psychological protection that you apply, individual characteristics.

The opposite of psychological adaptation is the disadaptation of a person, manifested as a result of an incorrect early development or a transferred stress load.

Psychological features of adaptation

Psychological adaptation - a constituent partMentally healthy state of each of us. The causes of problems with the psyche arise, often, as a result of the understated ability to adapt. When you feel that you have difficulties with this, you are in a tense state, sometimes the only sure way is to amend your own style of behavior.

Psychological adaptation is different fromLife success. So, when faced with failures, let's say, with falls, this does not mean that you have problems with adaptation. After all, not all personal needs can improve it.

Types of psychological adaptation

  1. Social adaptability (human-society).
  2. Professional, associated with the activities of each individual.
  3. Socio-psychological, manifested in the application of social roles: strict boss, affectionate mother, loving wife, and so forth.

Psychological and social adaptation

The ability to adapt can be improved, expanded, communicating with people from different social groups, with diverse world views, developing their communication skills.

It is important to be able to change the social roles that you use. Remember that the effectiveness of this depends not on their number, but on how much you use them qualitatively.