how to lure luck

In such a difficult time, we all want us toThere was luck. But how to entice good luck into the house? What needs to be done to be more successful in business and work? Practical advice on this topic can be found in our article.

How to lure luck and money?

One of the basic rules advisedAdhere to experts - in business surround yourself only with successful and strong people. As you know, like attracts like, and, therefore, if they are lucky, then you will be lucky too. In addition, people who already have a certain status, will serve for you an additional motivation. If we talk about money, then there are a number of rules:

  1. Always leave at least a small amount in your wallet. It should never be left empty.
  2. Do not give money in debt, and if they themselves took a certain amount, then it must be returned only in the daytime.
  3. Do not allow money to be in dirty envelopes, holey pockets or old handbags. If you appreciate the bills - they will have you.
  4. Do not pass the money through the doorstep. If you find a bill on the doorstep, then give some money for charity, so you will entice good luck.
Good luck for home

To lure good luck into the house, psychologists advisemake some kind of wish card. To do this, take a large number of various bright magazines with pictures, sketch on individual sheets of paper the basic desires, the performances of which you want in the coming year. Then select pictures from magazines that are as close as possible to your desires. Place and paste everything on the paper, hang it in the most prominent place. You will be on a subconscious level to wait for luck in fulfilling your dreams. Success necessarily comes to where it is expected.

How to lure luck in the lottery?

If we are talking about random gains, it's worthremember one golden rule - any of our thoughts materialize if we really believe in it. Imagine, how you win a prize or in detail in your mind draw a gift that you can win in a lottery and with these thoughts buy a ticket. And let the luck will smile to you!