Socio-psychological adaptation

Socialization and socio-psychologicalAdaptation of a person means the adaptation of a person to various factors that are related to the cultural, psychological and social sphere. In simple words - a person must get used to and begin to correspond to surrounding events and a certain activity or environment. Two components of this concept indicate that a person undergoes behavioral (social) and personal (psychological) adaptation.

Types of socio-psychological adaptation

This indicator reflects the possibility ofAdequately perceive the surrounding reality, and yet he personifies a relationship with others and different abilities. During adaptation, a person is an object that perceives, accepts and takes into account existing norms and traditions in society.

Socio-psychological adaptation of the personalityCan be positive, that is, it allows a person to successfully get used to the social environment, as well as negative, which leads to insufficient socialization. The process of adaptation can take place, both voluntarily and compulsorily. Usually three main stages are distinguished: familiarization, orientation and self-assertion.

There are many different views concerningProblems of socio-psychological adaptation, but their analysis allowed us to come to some important conclusions. The basis of this concept is the relationship between the individual and the social environment, analyzing which one can understand the characteristics of working systems. A person who is addictive can influence the social environment to change it. The ability to adapt directly depends on the personal qualities and personality characteristics that make up the potential. It is worth noting that the higher the maturity of the individual, the greater the chance to undergo successful adaptation.

Socially-psychological adaptation of personality

Criteria of socio-psychological adaptation

The indicator can be divided into two criteria: Objective and subjective. The first group includes the indicator, which indicates the success in learning and work, the implementation of the tasks and requirements set, as well as the position of the person in the team and its status. Subjective criteria include the presence of interest in one's own work and the desire for constant development, as well as constructive interaction with other people and the availability of adequate self-esteem.

In conclusion, I would like to say that in the modern world, social and psychological adaptation is a complex education that is associated with individual personality traits and with a position in society.