How to draw luck and money into the house

Lack of money hinders each personTo realize their dreams in life, and some it leads to severe depression. Very often it happens that a person works a lot and does not have enough time for his personal life, but still the finances do not become any more. That's why it's important to know how to attract luck and money into the house.

How to attract money and luck to the family?

  1. In order to always have money in the family,It is necessary to dream only of expensive purchases. You have to think a lot about what you want and most importantly - firmly be sure that it will be exactly. With time, thoughts will begin to materialize.
  2. It is necessary to plan a good rest, then the family will always have money and luck. Plans for recreation are very effective in attracting cash.
  3. Do not talk about the lack of money, because thoughtsHave the property to be embodied in life. The biggest mistake is that people start complaining about their work, that they do not have enough money for anything. Anyone who complains about this, attracts negative energy and repels luck.
  4. It is necessary to think about money as often as possible. We should talk about finances as if there are a lot of them in the family and they will be enough for everything that they dreamed about. It is very important to translate everything around yourself into bank notes that attract money and luck.
  5. It is very important to strive for real earnings. You should set a goal for yourself and go to it, try to earn as much as possible. When the first goal is achieved, you can go to the second and so on.
  6. A good sign for attracting money and good luck to the family are amulets. It is advisable to put several wards in the house, they will help to lie in the house wealth and luck.

How to attract luck and money to the wallet?

  1. You should not leave the house without money. You can not keep your wallet empty, even if there is no purchase in the plans.
  2. Specialists in the monetary sphere are advised to wearA single note of foreign currency. It helps to quickly attract finance. The currency is best removed in a closed pocket so that it does not attract the attention of others.
  3. Even if you do not have a lot of money in your wallet, you can not think badly about them. Money does not like it. That's why if a person thinks so, then he will never appear.
  4. You can not be ashamed of your wealth. Money is loved by those who are self-confident, and shame is the lot of weak personalities.

How to attract money and good luck in business?

  1. Cash should be invested in assets, not liabilities. It is much easier to bring money into business than in a family.
  2. It is necessary to make plans for the future - it concerns business. Every business must have some sort of development plan. It is best to draw up a short-term plan.
What color attracts money and luck?

An important role in attracting fundsPlays a properly selected purse color or places where they are stored. The color that attracts money and luck is always associated with the energies of Metal and Earth. In fact, the color can range from golden to brown. Colors that attract luck and money:

  • the black;
  • Brown and all its shades;
  • beige;
  • golden;
  • What color attracts money and luck

  • silver;
  • Orange.

Another attractive color is red -This is a very bright and passionate shade that will bring good luck in all matters and help to save the right amount of money. The color scheme that attracts money is, in fact, very diverse, which is why you can choose something that everyone will like. Do not forget that the color just will not work, for this, it is necessary to make efforts. The purse material must be natural.