Lack of sex

Scientists of different countries of the world have long formulatedA clear definition: sex is important for a woman's physical and psychological health. To date, many know about all the troubles that are associated with sex - sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancy. But few people think about how, The lack of sex affects the health of women. The reasons for the lack of sex in women and men, As a rule, are different. The main reasons that arise in women - is the lack of a partner, problems with sex life in marriage, lack of desire for sex and others.

Initially, most women do not attach muchThe value of the number of sexual contacts. This is especially true for family women with children who have a lot of household chores or women who are overly keen on a career. Such representatives of the fair sex do not always pay attention to the fact that they have not had sex for a month already. But the long absence of sex is harmful to all women, even very busy. A year without sex can make a woman more tired, and also, negatively affect the appearance.

What causes the lack of sex?

The consequences of lack of sex can beDifferent in different women. This is due to the individual characteristics of the body and the way of life. The most common consequences of a long absence of sex are:

  • Fibroids. Fibromioma is a benign tumor that often appears in women who for a long time do without sexual intercourse;
  • Painful premenstrual syndrome. If there is no sex for a long time in a woman's life, menstruation is much more painful - there are pains in the lower abdomen, mood swings, excessive appetite;
  • Menopausal disorders;
  • The possibility of uterine bleeding. Physiologically, sex massages the uterus. If you do not have sex for a long time, the uterus is deprived of this massage, which can lead to the appearance of various disorders;
  • excess weight. It is known that during sex, a woman loses a large number of calories. Sex can be compared to jogging or with intensive training on the simulator. A woman who does not have sex for a long time is more prone to problems with overweight.

At the age of 35-45 years in the majority of womenThere comes a period of increased interest in sex - the peak of sexuality. It is during this period that women need sex most of all - having sex provides an attractive appearance, energy and interest in life. Lack of sex at this age leads to the most unfavorable consequences. According to psychologists, if a woman in the 35-45 years regularly does not have sex, then she at a subconscious level takes on her shoulders additional problems and tasks. This, in turn, leads to stress, fatigue, dissatisfaction with life. These women quickly manifest age-related skin changes, deteriorating appearance.

Lack of desire for sex

A year without sex can lead a woman after 35Years to a nervous breakdown, to health problems. Therefore, if a woman does not want sex, she should consult a specialist. To resume sexual relations between spouses helps a long joint rest, during which all problems and worries go to the background. A lonely woman should engage in active sports and dancing. Sports, oriental or ballroom dances allow any woman to feel attractive. Movements to music can relieve tension and serve as a sexual discharge.