Swedish family

Spicy overtones the phrase "Swedishfamily "was filled in just a dozen years. By a marriage of three, the progressive Swedish youth of the 60s of the last century decided to demonstrate defiantly to the world that traditional relations, like all conservative ones, are morally outdated.

Fashion for "love triangles" lastedonly a decade, the modern Swedish family looks quite traditional, and does not strive to maintain the image, which was introduced into the hippy fashion. Official Swedish marriage can only boast of newlyweds of the same sex.

A bit of history

Meanwhile, the first public "Cupid de Trois"It was not in Sweden at all, but in conservative Spain, where King Carl, Queen Maria-Louise, and her beloved Prime Minister Don Manuel lived peacefully under the roof of one palace for many years. The avid hunter Karl graciously closed his eyes to the queen's long-term interest, and the queen to the numerous adventures of the lover.

There was a well-known "Swedish family" and in Russia -the talk of the couple Brik and Mayakovsky stirred up the whole of Moscow in its time. Perhaps, this is almost the only case of public recognition of general relations in our country, in most cases Swedish families are in no hurry to publicize their status. And although they certainly exist, very few are known about them.

What is a Swedish family?

The concept of a Swedish family is, in fact, a family of 3human. Most often - it's a love triangle, but sometimes there are other geometric figures, and one of the most famous examples - again was in Sweden, where the popular ABBA group was not only famous for its strong friendship, but also for the change of partners.

It does not matter who is duplicated: husband or wife. It is important to understand that a three-member family is not just an ordinary family with a bench, every member of the Swedish family has equal rights.

How are Swedish families?

Of course, the Swedish family in Russia is notofficial family. Often it starts with a threesome, which eventually turns into a family one. Friends or friends of the established family, beginning as "coming for sex", leave in the apartment a toothbrush, a passport and themselves. But threesome sex is an optional attribute of the Swedish family.

Sometimes a family of 3 people is formed due to"Apartment issue". For example, if a young man leads a lady of the heart into a house that, in order to save, takes pictures with a friend, then the chances that the neighbor will leave or join the family are quite high.

Swedish family: for and against

The Swedish family causes confusion among many - likeyou can live together, sharing the love of one person for two, free from jealousy? Of course, if the couple managed to get rid of the sense of ownership, then the Swedish family has its advantages:

  • two wives, for example, will more easily cope with the management of the economy, will be less likely to "quarrel from the hut." Yes, and the head of two at once rarely hurts;
  • two men in the house are at least twice as likely as a working crane, a hammered nail and a fulfilled marital duty;
  • than a good threesome, which sometimes happens inSwedish families - so it at least emancipation partners. So - the best knowledge of his body. Easy jealousy here, by the way, does not hurt: the third half will tend to be on top.

    Swedish family for and against

The disadvantages of Swedish families are also quite obvious:

  • misunderstanding and disapproval from the public;
  • unofficial status of at least one of the partners;
  • rare Swedish families survive to significantanniversaries. And the only children could boast except that it was the same Maria-Louise. If the child of the triple love becomes a child, then problems with the definition of paternity (DNA analysis will be required), as well as the social protection of the fetus of such love.