Problems of single-parent families

Divorce statistics state that for todayday falls from 60% to 80% of all inmates of marriages. It is not surprising that under such a situation an incomplete family is already becoming something completely ordinary and ordinary. And despite the fact that this approach provides freedom of choice in someone with whom one would like to live life, the problems of an incomplete family are obvious and affect almost all spheres of life.

Problems of single-parent families

To begin with it is necessary to be defined with terminology. According to the statistics of single-parent families, in the overwhelming majority of cases it is a mother + child company. It is this situation that we will consider.

Nowadays such a family no longer receives public censure, and in this respect it has become much easier. However, even so, many problems remain relevant for a long time.

For example, a financial problem. A young mother will live starving to die if she has to survive on only one benefit. Therefore, as a rule, a woman goes to work, and the grandmother is engaged in the child, which gives rise to many complexes in the baby and the feeling that he is abandoned, because right now he needs a mother's care.

Psychological problems of an incomplete family

Despite the acute financial issue,Still, the main problem of an incomplete family can be called a psychological one. The woman, left without male support, is forced to realize not only the female role model, but also the male, which is not only difficult for herself, but also bad for the child.

Hardly anyone will argue with the fact that it is the way of life of his parents that brings up the child. Baby, who since childhood sees only an independent mother, is studying

Problems of an incomplete family

self-sufficiency, but not interaction with other people.</ P>

In this case, a woman in this situation is difficult to callhappy. Because of the need to perform all the functions, she usually does not have enough time to arrange personal life, which has a very negative effect on the nervous system and the level of satisfaction with life. In addition, a child who does not see the relationship between the mother and the father will have a hard time navigating in how to build their lives. Girls, as a rule, absolutely do not understand how to treat the opposite sex, and boys can not understand how it is - to behave like a man. Words never give an educational effect, you can only bring up a personal example. Statistics show that already in adulthood most often those who have grown up in single-parent families are divorced.