Marriage-family relations

Marriage and family relations are very difficultStructure of modern society. According to official statistics, more than half of registered marriages disintegrate. It is difficult to name certain problems of family-marriage relations, after all, as you know, every one has his own reason for discord.

Types of marriage-family relations

Depending on which type of maritalRelations are established between the newlyweds, one can also judge how the family will develop, how long people will live together. Nowadays, the word "divorce" is no longer frightening, as before, and the number of people entering into marital relations is increasing more and more.

So, let's look at the types of relationships in the family:

1. Based on his seniority:

  • Newlyweds - people who are in euphoria after the wedding and do not believe that they can face problems;
  • A young family - people who have already realized that this love is not enough, we need more care, understanding and trust;
  • Family in anticipation of the child - a very serious change in the relationship, the development of a new way of life;
  • A family of middle age (10 years together) - the emergence of routine, conflicts, it is necessary to revise the way of life and add new interests to it;
  • Family of the senior married age - the common interests, the ability to negotiate come to the forefront;
  • Family of elderly married age (with the advent of grandchildren) - a breath of fresh air, interest in grandchildren.

2. By number of children:

  • Childless (16% of families);
  • One-child families (50% of families);
  • Children with few children (1-2 children);
  • Children with many children (3 or more children, divorce is almost excluded).

3. On the quality of relations in the family:

  • Sustainable;
  • Prosperous;
  • Conflict;
  • Problematic;
  • Socially unsuccessful.

In fact, families can be classified byAn infinite number of signs. After all, except for families where children are raised by mother and father, there are also incomplete families, where one of the parents is not. Do not forget that the development of family-marriage relations is the responsibility of both spouses.

Factors that destroy marriage and family relations

As a rule, the crisis of family-marriage relationsComes at regular intervals: 1 year, 3 years, 5 years, 7 years, 10 years, 20 years and further every 10 years. To date, factors that significantly increase the probability of divorce, are:

  • Divorce or conflict between the parents of one of the spouses (or both);
  • Cohabitation on the living space of parents with them;
  • Parental interference in the relationship of spouses;
  • Use by spouses or one of them of alcohol and drugs;
  • Treason in marriage, lack of trust;
  • Any bad addictions of one or both of the spouses (gambling, excitement, etc.);
  • Forced separation of spouses (business trips, shift work method, etc.);
  • High professional employment of women (this is called "bicarier family");
  • too early or too late age for marriage;
  • pre-marital pregnancy (this is called "stimulated" marriages);
  • birth of a child in the first 1-2 years of marriage;
  • types of marriage-family relations

  • high conflict between both spouses;
  • infertility, inability to have children of one of the spouses;
  • overload or physical exhaustion on the background of work or study;
  • selfishness of one or both spouses;
  • unrealistic expectations.

In order to maintain a relationship, it is worthdiscuss them: distribute responsibilities, establish "can" and "not", and most importantly - do not involve other people in them. It is believed that as soon as problems in the family become public, the family begins to fall apart at an accelerated pace.