family secrets of success

Often, destroying unsuccessful relationships, westipulated by the difference of characters. In fact, psychologists noted the fact that in happy families, partners can be both with similar and with opposite characters. Why, then, do some create a happy family, and others can not find intersection points for years? Let's see what conclusions psychologists have come to, examining relationships in well-off families, and we will analyze the main signs of a prosperous family.

Secrets to the success of a happy family

  1. A wish. One of the most necessary items in a happy relationship is the desire to make these relationships eternal. Both understand and accept the fact that the relationship must be built, regardless of whether you have similar characters or fundamentally different.
  2. In prosperous families is invariably presentrespect for each other and for all family members. Grieving friends and relatives for a partner, you humble your choice. Accordingly, yourself. Criticizing publicly children, you show inaccuracies in your pedagogical approach. After all, these are your children, and it is you who brought them up. Changing, you show that you can not decide on the choice of partner. And this, again, is only your spiritual immaturity.
  3. Devotion. In well-to-do families, there is no question of divorce. Never. And, even more so, it does not reach blackmail. They are together "in sorrow and in joy, in sickness and in health." This does not mean that they never quarrel, do not make mistakes, or their euphoria lasts forever. It's just not a reason for separation, but only one of the stages in the growth of relations.
  4. Common goals and interests. The common interests bring together, and the goals attach meaning and certainty to the relationship, but most families can not even for years assume that they are walking on completely different roads and to different outcomes.
  5. Time for rest is the guarantee of a successful family. Everyone in the family has the right to rest. Such a time when a person can be without family members. Be it a holiday with friends or in a separate room.
  6. Lack of selfishness. In successful families, everyone thinks not only about their own comfort, but about the general. Each is aimed at creating good conditions for the rest of the family. It has long been known that if the family is ill alone, then eventually

    wealthy family

    it becomes bad for everyone.
  7. Forgiveness. All, unfortunately, are prone to make mistakes. In happy families, partners know how to not only ask for forgiveness, but also to give it. Forgive so that then do not return to this error in any quarrel.
  8. Lack of duties. However strange it may sound, but in these families there is no division of duties. That is, a husband can help his wife on the farm without her request, and the wife can help her husband in the maintenance of the family, if she has her earnings. It's just that in a happy family the spouses help each other not because they were obliged to do it, but because it's their sincere desire to share difficulties and take care of each other.