causes of family crisis

Who among us did not want to live with his chosen onelong and happy without quarrels and disagreements? But it happens only in fairy tales, in real life everything is much more complicated. Each couple can name several family crises, the causes of which were a variety of circumstances - someone found themselves in the burden of a husband's habits, someone is difficult to combine career and family, and someone is tired of the monotony in bed. Experts identify 10 main causes of the crisis of the modern family, manifested at different stages of development of relations of a married couple.

Causes of family crises

  1. Problems in the pair are often associated with adaptationperiod (age crisis) of one of the partners. This state is more difficult in the absence of mutual understanding in the family, if everyone remains alone with their experiences.
  2. One of the most common causes of the crisisfamily is the unwillingness of partners to marry. A great passion fades away over time, and all the imperfections of characters that have not been seen before because of a strong emotional upsurge come to the surface. Overcoming this state is possible when solving the arising domestic problems jointly from the first days of marriage.
  3. Bed crises. After some time (more often 3 or more years), the couple somewhat cool to each other, the woman lacks romance, the man is tired of the monotony. The result may well be treason, and even a divorce. The recipe for solving this problem is simple: bed experiments and constant self-care.
  4. Religious differences. Often questions of faith at first are not fundamental, but over time excessive piety or its complete absence can cause frequent family quarrels. The same goes for national traditions.
  5. Long separation or permanent business trips. They say that at the time of parting, the senses are only getting stronger, but for some it's too hard a test.
  6. Serious health problems. Breaking up the relationship because of the illness of the second half seems unthinkable, but it is also difficult to constantly solve all family problems alone, to be both a financial and a moral support.
  7. Problems due to money. You rarely meet a family in which the spouses have the same income and are invested equally in household management. Hence the calculation of who brought more into the house, and who spent more. And if the deterioration of the financial situation has also occurred, then this period will not pass without quarrels.
  8. Different views on the upbringing of children. Often, the spouses see the process of education in different ways, but even if they manage to agree among themselves, grandparents enter the process, find a compromise, with which is an order of magnitude more difficult.
  9. Status difference. Often one spouse has better education, better work or higher cultural development.

    causes of the crisis of the modern family

    But instead of growing to the level of another, the partners remain at theirs, as a result, the straggler becomes uninteresting to the one who stands a step higher.
  10. Very common causes of the crisisThe modern family is the unresolved problems of the past. Constant haste provokes not work on the situation, but attempts to ignore the differences that pile and pour into a grand scandal.

No matter how many crises happen in the family, they can be overcome only if there is trust between the spouses and the desire to create each other comfortable living conditions.