Family and family values

A family is a tiny state with its ownResidents and laws, created on love and respect. Every strong and united family has its own family values ​​that help this cell of society to maintain its integrity.

Main values ​​of the family

People, for whom the family is the main value in life, try to adhere to certain moral principles that strengthen the solidarity, trust and love of all household members.

Love in the family is an important family value, and ifYou want to keep this feeling, as often as possible, remind your family that you love them. To say about love can and should be not only words - your delicate feelings will be told by actions - little surprises under the pillow, a cup of tea and plaid on a cold winter evening, candlelight dinner, a family walk in the park.

A young family should support other family values:

  • Sense of worth For every member of the family - every household must know what is needed, he is loved;
  • Mutual respect - acceptance of thoughts, feelings and passions of another person;
  • honesty - if the family does not have this value, it means disrespect of the personality of another person;
  • forgiveness - it is important to learn how to forgive people who make mistakes;
  • generosity - in the family it is necessary to give, not thinking what you will receive in return;
  • a responsibility - this value is necessary for the calmness of other family members who know that they have someone to rely on;
  • Communion - this value helps to strengthen the family, fading of communication leads to misunderstanding and family disintegration;
  • traditions - this is one of the most important basic values ​​of the family, it is unique, inherent only to you and your loved ones.

The importance of developing family values ​​in a modern family

For children, the family is practically the whole world. Family values ​​and traditions in the first years of their life are the main source of knowledge not only about the physical world, but also about the world of feelings. All that a child learns in his family becomes the basis of his worldview. Therefore, happy families are the source of a healthy generation for society.