How to look younger than your years

Although time gradually makes itself felt,To preserve beauty and youth can be through careful care of yourself and the application of tips makeup artists. In addition, it is important to observe some compromise between the desire to look young and preserve the special charm of female maturity.

Makeup - to look younger and not overdo it

Strangely enough, the amount appliedCosmetics with age should decrease. In addition, the color scheme should also be very low-key. Here are some important recommendations from qualified makeup artists and cosmetologists:

  • Toning means should be of liquid consistency and light texture. A thick foundation or powder will emphasize wrinkles;
  • Exclude bronzing make-up and self-tanning. It is necessary to choose a tone that is as close as possible to the natural color of the skin;
  • Shadows should be light pastel colors, preferably with mother of pearl. Reflective particles hide signs of withering of the skin of the eyelids;
  • When choosing a lipstick, you should prefer light warm colors;
  • Special attention should be given to the eyebrows, to follow their shape and density.
How to dress and look younger, and not seem ridiculous?

Some women talk about howLook younger, advised to dress in a youth style. In fact, it is just to find the golden mean, because Excessive obsession with clothes for young people is irrelevant in adulthood and looks ridiculous. How to look young - tips for stylists to choose a wardrobe:

  • Preferably dress in a classic style with casual elements;
  • Among things there must be strict trousers and a skirt of medium length;
  • Sweaters and blouses it is desirable to choose a free cut with a shallow neckline to hide the flaws of the figure;
  • Dresses should be elegant and restrained;
  • For rest and walking fit jeans on the figure and loose shirts, T-shirts;
  • Accessories can be bright and unusual, but they should not be too much;
  • Shoes should be chosen on an elegant heel or platform. A beautiful and easy gait directly depends on how comfortable the shoes are.

Hairstyles and haircuts - or how to look 10 years younger than 50?

Hair is of great importance in creating the imageAnd a beautiful appearance. And it is not necessary to radically change the image, you just need to slightly correct it. What to do and to look younger, and keep the individual style of the hairstyle:

  1. Refuse from dark shades. This does not mean that it is necessaryTo be recoloured in the blonde. It is enough to lighten the hair color or tone several strands for 1-2 tone. This method will give the hair a radiance with glare and overflow.
  2. Give a natural look. Styling, of course, is necessary, but it should not beOverly apply means of fixation or make a traditional chemical wave of fine curls. Hair should look natural, soft falling strands beautifully frame the face and visually give it the right shape.
  3. Shear the bangs. The bangs are not only an attribute of a youth hairstyle. It helps to hide wrinkles on the forehead and emphasizes the eyes. The main thing is to choose the right one

    How to look younger

    Shape of the bangs according to the type of face.
  4. Try a short haircut. Short hair always looks more well-groomed and easier to lay down. In addition, there are a lot of short haircuts, they are interesting to look at with different coloring and symmetry options.
Mood - youth

The most important thing in preserving youth is a positiveMood. You should smile more often, find charm at any age and continue to admire yourself. Looking young at 40 is very easy, if you feel like 20.