Most stylish celebrities 2013

Every year celebrities do not cease to amazePublic. The outfits are becoming bolder, more interesting, sometimes even absurd. Some stars can not boast of taste. Critics are merciless to such persons. But there are those who are deservedly considered the most stylish celebrities. They carefully think through their wardrobe, and they deserve such fame.

Absolute leaders among the most stylish stars

A lot of magazines publish ratings of the mostStylish Hollywood stars and not only. Laurels winners in the fashion race went to Kate Middleton. It is famous for impeccable taste, even critics can not argue with this. Her outfits are elegant, usually business cut, and most importantly always combined with this or that event. The special attention deserves actress Carrie Washington. Very flattering statements sound in her direction. The audience, in particular fashion critics, is delighted with the fact that this girl wears a red carpet. As practice shows, the top stylish stars include not only women, but also men. Undisputed leader among the male half of the population in the skill to dress is Justin Timberlake.

Try not to lag behind

The above names hardly anyoneTo surprise. A perfect star in the selection of the most stylish outfits can boast star Carmen Del Orefais. This 82-year-old model amazes everyone with its boldness in choosing outfits. She is elegant and chic. Once again, she proved it, starring for Vogue.

Recognition from others canBoast of Jessica Chestane. Zoya Saldana, the star of Avatar, is the best at wearing jeans. With the task of wearing classic outfits, Emma Stone does an excellent job. Its complete opposite is Solange Knowles, a talented actress, Sister Beyoncé. This fashionista is known as a risky woman when it comes to choosing outfits.

Among the most stylish stars are credited and KateBosworth, Lily Collins, Nicole Richie, and Gwyneth Paltrow, who particularly distinguished themselves - People magazine recognized her as the most beautiful woman in 2013. In addition, she is one of those who are famous for their ability to dress. Sarah Jessica Parker can boast of chic evening dresses and not only. But in ordinary everyday life, she prefers to dress simply and comfortably. Many other celebrities adhere to the same principle. The key to successful selection of outfits is the ability to understand what and where you can and need to dress.

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