How to create your own style

For a long time already the possession of a bright and interesting styleBecame a ticket to a wonderful future not only for men, but also for women. People are always interested in communicating and helping those who evoke sympathy, besides, it helps to solve many fundamental questions of life - to create a family with a loved one, to make a successful career, etc. Therefore, we will not dwell on clarifying all understandable truths, and proceed to develop Plan - how to create your own style.

Educational literature

Good external data - beautiful faces and figuresStill not enough to develop your style. It needs to be done thoughtfully and professionally. However, not everyone can afford to hire an image maker, stylist and make-up artist, as stars do. Therefore, ordinary people need to learn some lessons on their own.

For this purpose, a special trainingliterature. When we talk about women's style, we can not imagine it without the woman herself, and therefore we can not limit ourselves to the external side of the issue.

Books that contain advice on behavior, self-promotion, selection of clothes and in general cover the main issues on the creation of their image and style can be found in at least two authors:

  • Shepel V. M .;
  • Eugenia Shatskaya.

In Shepel's books one can find a lot of information aboutImage and charisma. They are available to explain how to become attractive to others, and how important it is not only the style, but also the inner self-awareness.

Shatskaya's books give more information on how to behave in a woman, and how to dress properly to look stylish.

If you seriously take up the creation of your style, then these books will help in the initial stages.

Inventing the image

After the concepts of "style", "image" and "charisma" became clear, it's time to start creating an individual image.

In life, almost every woman has three images, which she tries on every day.


A business lady can be the boss of a company, andThe usual cashier, and depending on the post and the specifics of the work depends on what elements of clothing it fits - will be in harmony with the workplace and status, as well as those that will bring a twist to this image.

If you take the example of a cashier, then the question arises -How to bring a zest to the image, if there is a special form? And here you need to pay attention to the representatives of the profession - for sure many noticed that sometimes the girls manage to look more attractive in comparison with their colleagues with the help of hair, hairpins, manicure.

Another profession that requires a laconic image is a pharmacist. And in this case, too, it is necessary to diversify the image not with the help of clothes, but with the help of jewelry - rings, bracelets and hairstyles.

The director of the firm also finds it difficult to make an imageInteresting, because the strict office style is very limited and demanding to the forms. To emphasize the male character traits - purposefulness, perseverance, equanimity can be done with the help of a female tie. A tie is a drop in the ocean among the possibilities to make your style interesting, that's why every woman should come up with herself, depending on her character and manner of behavior, whether it's a tie or a French shawl, high massive boots or neat boats, straight skirt or tight skirt- pencil.


Creating your own style should be full, andSo do not get down to business, if you plan to look at work at 100%, and at home walk in a greasy dressing gown. It affects the self-esteem, and therefore it is worthy to present your style, if there are shortcomings in it, it will not work.

Choosing a home style, it is worth choosing what you imagine yourself at home - a chef with delicious dishes, a hostess, rubbing bookshelves to shine, or simply decorating your house.

Wear original aprons, funny slippers withMuzzle cats or feminine with a fur pompon on a heel, silk dressing gowns or terry with a hood, lacy nightgowns or cotonovye pajamas. These are all elements of home clothes are absolutely opposite in their style, and you need to choose one.


Every woman ceases to be an employeeAny service or a housewife when in a meeting with a loved one. Therefore, the image that is intended for visits or regular meetings with a loved one should become a separate category.

How to submit themselves to the society of a man decides eachThe girl herself - it depends on her personal positions, and on the desire of the man - what kind of girl he wants to see next to him. For example, a man who constantly wears business suits and shirts will not match a girl who prefers sneakers, long wide t-shirts and ripped jeans. Also it would be ridiculous to look like a couple where a man wears sneakers with multi-colored laces and jeans with a motif to the knees, and the girl - elegant dresses with a basque and shoes with a hairpin. The creation of this image also requires the consideration of the situation and the person with whom you intend to relate your life.

We bring to life

If you do not have enough imagination to come up with your own style,It can be copied from movie stars, TV presenters or movie characters. Collect films where the image that you want to match is played - a fatal beauty, a cold intellectual or a darling, who pities everyone and forgives everyone. Pay attention to how this image is presented by the heroines, what kind of clothes they have, and most importantly - actions, because the style is only an external representation of your inner essence.

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