How to become a designer

Designer clothes - how it sounds! It's just a fairy-tale profession - how many opportunities, how many ideas do young talents have ?! But after all, among other things, it is also a difficult, thorny path.

To think how many qualitiesTo have a designer clothes. Many believe that it is enough to be able to paint and feel beautiful. No, my dear, this is a mistaken opinion. The modern designer of clothes is the universal person who should combine two persons. The first, possessing a technical mindset, the ability to create drawings, pick up fabrics and design clothes. However, all of the above can and learn, but this is only the first step in the career. But the most important thing in the profession of a designer is practically impossible to learn. After all, it is not enough to be able to draw, it is necessary to be able to feel the thing that you create! You need to take into account even the smallest details of the image you create, its color, proportions and combinations.

There is an opinion that designers do not becomeborn. Perhaps, to some extent it is, but in fact with increased work and dedication it is possible to become a fashionable and in-demand designer of clothes - there would be a desire.

What do you need to become a designer?

Before you begin to work, you need to determine,Whether you can become a designer. To do this, at the first stage, remember the school, did you like the subject of "labor training" in school, because this is the first and for many not fully realized school of design.

The second question that everyone should ask themselvesA beginner clothing designer - are you a creative person? If you are attracted to more standard things and you have no particular desire to change anything, maybe the design of clothes is not your calling at all?

Very often designers of clothes haveTo draw, draw. How else? A profession requires constant sketches, whether it's blouses, pants, skirts or dresses. Do you like to engage in this kind of creativity? Do you have talent?

It's worth thinking about whether you are ready to devote yourselfAn infinite search for something new, unusual and unusual? If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then you definitely will succeed!

I want to become a designer of clothes - where to start?

As you know, teaching is light. Everything in our life needs to be learned. Before you enter a design-oriented institution, it's worth trying to sit at the creative table and make a few sketches. After that, evaluate your work, show it to people close to you. If you have received praise from relatives, friends and most importantly from yourselves - then with a calm soul choose and enter the university in this direction. In addition to the university, you can go to a personal teacher, to a course or to a design school. But in any case, do not forget that you have to work hard wherever you go.

School of Designers

To become a fashionable and famous designer,It is not enough just to be able to draw beautifully and have a sense of style. To get a job, as you know, you need a diploma. And you can get it in several ways. Mainly:

  • Universities with a focus on the study of design;
  • School of design;
  • Courses of design.
  • Become a fashion designer

Of course, not all employers will be surprisedHigher education, but the diploma of completing the course - for sure. Therefore, if you have firmly decided to realize yourself in the profession of designer-designer, then it is worthwhile to look for a suitable design school in your city.

And finally I want to say that the careerDesigner clothes depends not so much on the education received, but on the desire and dedication of the profession. Never forget that fame and money like brave and enthusiastic people.