Stretched shoes what to do

Many women of fashion often face such aProblem like stretched shoes. Especially such a nuisance often happens in the business lady and the girls who lead an active lifestyle. With frequent walking, and sometimes running, wear of shoes occurs much faster. First of all, of course, this concerns the integrity and elasticity of the material. In this case, the most successful option is to buy a new trendy pair. However, this method is not suitable for everyone, both materially and psychologically. After spoiling favorite shoes can spoil the mood.

If the shoes are stretched, then the most effectiveThe method is to fill the empty space. However, you should choose the filler carefully. It is necessary that the material that you fill the toe or heel ideally takes the shape of a shoe. Nylon tights are best for this. Cut off a piece of nylon and fold it neatly into the sock. This material is soft and elastic. He will perfectly support the form.

What to do if the leather shoes are stretched?

If stretched leather shoes, it is bestTo buy in specialized shops pillows-loose leaves. Choose such fillers for leather shoes. In similar shops there are loose leaves both for a sock, and for a heel. In this case, capron does not help much, because it will slide on the shoes, and the effect of this will be small.

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Stretched shoes what to do 2

What should I do if the suede shoes are stretched?

If stretched suede shoes, then in addition to the wayWith kapron tights can try to wash the shoes and dry it on a battery or on another heater. This will make suede shoes a little already and can help in the situation of increasing size. You can also buy special adhesive insole from the gel. They are sold in specialized shoe stores. Such insoles fix the leg and are not visible at all, as they are selected depending on the size and are glued to the foot. Therefore, this method is suitable even if your stretched open suede shoes.

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