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The choice of hair color plays almost the most importantRole in the perception of a person's appearance. It is very important to be able to emphasize your attractiveness not only with the help of make-up and clothes, but also by choosing the right shade of hair. Individual color palette should be developed taking into account the "season of appearance" - the color type. As you know, there are 4 main types: winter, spring, summer and autumn.

In this article, we'll talk about the color appearance of spring, in particular about the color of hair, suitable for "spring" girls.

Tsvetotyp spring with dark hair

The girls of the color-type spring have dark-colored hairAre not so often. Coal-black or deep dark-brown they never happen. Medium-blond or soft chestnut color is very to the face of spring beauties of contrast type. Saturated dark colors tend to age and distract attention from the features of spring beauties, so they should stop on shades from dark-brown and lighter.

Any dark color on the hair looks better, if it is visible in the sun, warm glare.

Tsvetotip spring and red hair

Red hair, especially sunny warm shades,Approximate spring to the autumn type, adding contrast and courage to the exterior. The brighter the color of the iris, the more bright red or red color a spring girl can afford. Virtually all spring beauties are tender sunny-honey hues of red color. This can be either uniform coloring, or melioration or coloring. Cold red tones look untidy on spring girls, and in addition, sharply emphasize skin imperfections, making the appearance not well-groomed.

Tsvetotip spring and blond hair

Girls of spring color often are blondesfrom nature. Their light eyes and translucent skin are placed to light, soft, feminine images. Spring beauties are often characterized by a classic "angelic" appearance.

Sharp contrasts and deliberate unnaturalness, extravagance are not suitable for the refined and aristocratic appearance of spring girls.

Regardless of the chosen color, the hue of the hair for spring should be clear, clean. Muddy, ashy, greyish sub-tones and shades are undesirable.

Soft and smooth transitions from blond hair on the roots to light ends look very good. But melirovanie large strands are rarely successful.

In our gallery there are several examples of shades of hair for the color-type spring.

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