From what fabric they sew swimsuits

Everyone knows that swimsuits are sewn from specialElastic materials. However, from what particular tissue do they do, and what is included in its composition? To date, there are not so many options, so we suggest you familiarize yourself with the popular types of fibers from which beach suits are made.

What kind of fabric is used for a swimsuit?

As a rule, in order to achieve the best qualityManufacturers combine different types of fibers. And, depending on this, the properties of the fabric also change. However, to date, there are several types of fibers, which are more often used for making swimsuits:

  1. Polyester (Pes) - is a kind of veteran in the beach fashion. Products from it for a very long time do not burn out in the sun, which makes this outfit very practical. And this, perhaps, is the only advantage of this fabric, not counting the democratic price. The main drawback is that this material does not allow air to pass through, which means that you can forget about quick drying of the swimsuit. Yes, and the fiber itself is very fragile, so the swimsuit will not last more than one season.
  2. Lycra (Elastane or the same spandex) is the mostA common fiber, which is part of many women's outfits, not just swimsuits. This synthetic fabric is appreciated due to its elasticity and good extensibility. Such a swimsuit perfectly keeps the shape, and if necessary, corrects the figure. However, the content of Lycra should not exceed 25%, otherwise there will be poor air permeability, which means that the body will not breathe.
  3. Tactel (Tac) is a combination of lycra and knittedFibers. High-tech fabric is an indicator of quality, so if you are looking for the best fabric for a swimsuit, then you should give preference to this material. The main advantage of this swimsuit is

    From what fabric they sew swimwear1

    Almost instant drying on the body even in the shade.
  4. Polyamide (Pa) is a special synthetic shiny fabric,Which is used for tailoring more solid and elegant costumes. Due to its elastic properties, this fiber is ideal for correcting the figure. In addition, the polyamide dries quickly and does not burn out for a long time.
  5. Nylon (Ny) is a kind of polyamide fiber, but more durable. Well pulls the figure, so in most cases, it is made of sports models of swimsuits. However, nylon does not tolerate ultraviolet and such a suit in the sun quickly burns out.
  6. Microfiber - soft, silky and quite elastic fiber. It has an excellent air permeability, however, in comparison with other fibers, it stretches over time.
  7. Cotton (Co) is a natural, environmentally friendly fiber,Which protects the skin from UV rays. Pleasant to the touch and does not cause irritation. However, without the addition of other synthetic fibers, this fabric dries long and expands after water procedures.