Chinese fashion

The history of Chinese fashion is very interesting. For many centuries, under the influence of local cultures and violent reforms, the national costume has undergone constant changes. The symbolism of the form, ornament and color of the Chinese costume determined the socio-economic development of the people, its philosophical doctrine of nature. China is considered the birthplace of silk, by the way, it is widely believed that rubbing silk on the skin helps cure many diseases. The motif of the Chinese ornament is connected with the Chinese philosophy of nature. The basis of the Chinese costume since ancient times are long trousers and a loose jacket for both sexes. In addition to the pants and sweaters, they had to wear an upper robe or jacket that was wrapped or bandaged.

Chinese street fashion

In recent years, China is rapidly developingFashion also does not stand still. Chinese women dress either in the old fashioned way, or very bright. On the streets of China, you can find a huge variety of styles of women's dresses, skirts with ruffles, trouser suits. Combining all kinds of colors, bright colored pantyhose combined with clothes with bright prints, inscriptions on clothes in English, rhinestones and sequins on everyday clothes. However, despite such a bold choice in clothes, Chinese women of fashion do not look vulgar. Women's Chinese fashion is diverse and original. Incredible combination of clothes and inexhaustible imagination of Chinese fashionable women and fashionable women attracts the eyes of people from all over the world.

Chinese Fashion Week takes place in November in Beijingannually. It demonstrates the latest trends in fashion business in China. More and more vivid and large-scale are fashion weeks in China every year. The industry of high fashion is intensively developing and the real mods and women of fashion increasingly pay attention to traditional Chinese culture.

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