What colors blend blue

Blue - one of the most fashionable and relevantColors of this year. Popular as the images in the style of total look, and the combination of different shades of blue between themselves and with other colors. In this article we will tell you what colors are combined with blue and how to combine blue in clothes with other colors and shades.

What does blue match with?

Before determining the appropriate companion colors, let's take a closer look at the shades of blue.

First, we divide the palette into two categories: light (blue, soft-turquoise) and dark (dark blue, indigo).

Light shades of blue are in good harmony withGentle pastel tones - beige, pink, cream, light purple. But they also look good with bright, clean shades, such as cherry red, fuchsia, yellow and rich purple.

Separately it is worth noting the "blue electrician" shade. This is a complex shade that combines bluish-blue and gray colors. The best additions to it are yellow and brown shades, and also golden and silvery materials.

The beauty of the azure color is emphasized by the light green,Color of grass, bright pink, yellow and scarlet. It can also be combined with all neutral colors - white, gray, black and light shades of beige.

Indigo (saturated, sufficiently dark shade of blue) is combined with light purple, lilac, blue, red, shades of yellow, brown, and, of course, with gray, white and black.

Black and blue color is suitable for thingsConiferous-green, blue, white and red. It is also suitable rich brown, silver, gray, turquoise, fuchsia, pink electrician and bright yellow.

With what you can not combine the blue

At first glance, it seems that blue is almost an ideal color, perfectly combining with things of different tones. But in practice it is necessary to take into account the shades of all elements of the image.

For example, ink-blue is not very well combined with a dull red and matte dark green. At the same time, a rich bright blue with them combines perfectly.

Try to take into account the "temperature" of the color, its saturation and, of course, its own taste and style. First of all, choose the colors that you like and like.

Now you know what the blue color looks like, and you can easily find stylish color combinations for your new image.

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