This color is one of the three basic, butThis red is the brightest. Our ancestors considered it divine, that's why the name of the color is translated as "the best one". This color is preferred by bold and determined girls, because red obliges to possess an excellent taste. If your wardrobe has things in red or its shades, then you should know more about it.

Variety of shades

According to the generally accepted classification, shadesThis color is conventionally divided into three groups: bright, dark, muffled. The basic shades of red are only 26. If you are among the fans of online shopping, then the information on the names of the shades of red, given below, you will come in handy.

Shades of red 1

Shades of red 2

Shades of red 3

Red color in clothes

Choosing clothes of this binding color, remember,That far from everyone he is to face. If your skin has a golden warm shade (color-type "spring") or, conversely, a cold shade, but the eyes are expressive, and the hair is dark (color-type "winter"), then most of the shades of red are suitable. But the reddish shade of the skin, the presence of pimples and inflammations - this is a direct "contraindication." A bright red color will emphasize these skin imperfections.

Shades of red 4

Shades of red 5

Shades of red 6

Everyone knows that it adds extra centimeters andKilograms clothes are white, but also red has a similar specifics. If in a dress of red-brown or red-violet color your shortcomings remain unnoticed, the blood-red will literally strip them. This shade is ideal for girls with a chiseled figure. Do not forget that the clothes of red color on the surrounding acts similarly to the call "Pay attention to me!". The image created on the basis of the red dominant turns out to be very strong, therefore you will always remain under the close attention of others.

Successful combinations

Pink is, perhaps, the most controversial color inCombination with red. Despite the fact that it is based on red, blue and white, pink is extremely rarely blended harmoniously with cold shades of red. But the warm tones (red-orange, the color "red wine") are perfectly combined with gentle shades of pink. As a result, the image turns out to be unusual and feminine. By the way, orange, which refers to a completely different range, perfectly complements red. This mix gives the image of life energy, passion. You can combine pure red with scarlet, dark red, carmine, burgundy in one image. The union of these shades allows to deepen and saturate the main tone.

Shades of red 7

Shades of red 8

Shades of red 9

If you want to get rid of the gray andMeasure, try to pick up a red dress accessories or shoes muted yellow. Suitable shades such as gold, yellow with a pinkish tint, saffron, sand. A dramatic image can be given by combining in one image red with warm shades of green. If the shades are cold, then the combination will turn out juicy, spicy, exotic. To do this, use neon-green, mint, patina, emerald and turquoise-green.

Shades of red 10

Shades of red 11

Shades of red 12

It is known that blue is the coolest color, andRed is its opposite. That's why some girls manage to achieve harmony, softening the warmth of the cold. And the most mystical combination can be called a mix of red and softened shades of violet. Look closely at the violet, grape, blue-lilac and red-violet shades. Do you want to create a classic elegant elegant silhouette? Use a mix of red with neutral shades (beige, gray).

Shades of red 13

Shades of red 14

Shades of red 15