Shades of white

Despite the apparent simplicity and banality,White color is rich in various shades. We all know that milk, cotton, salt, rice and snow are called white, but are they the same color? Naturally, no! In white color, which is a phenomenon, lies a deep symbolism. It is associated with purity. But why then can a white dress make a girl look sloppy? The whole thing is in the details, or rather, in the shade's accessories to the cold or warm.

Cold colors of white color to recognize veryjust. In them whiteness gives off a blue, gray. This shade has snow, porcelain, office paper. And warm shades of white cast yellow, the color of the shell, cream and ivory.

Tips for stylists

The first thing that should be determined for each girl,This is its belonging to a particular color-type. If it is "winter" or "summer", then in clothes it is preferable to give cold shades (snowy, smoky white, "white ghost"). Girls with the color-type "spring" and "autumn" should focus on warm shades. However, the correct combination of shades of white suggests that contrasts of appearance will be taken into account. With light hair, skin and eyes, the white color will look faint and boring. In this case, pastel is the best solution. But also the swarthy skin does not mean that pure white will be to face. Sometimes in such clothes the girl becomes gray, inconspicuous. That is why in each individual case, "fitting" is necessary. As long as you do not wear white clothes, you can never confidently say if it is going to you. The only exception is the color of white sheep's wool. Due to the dilution of the white tone, the shade has a slightly yellowish tide, but it can be called a warm one with a stretch. That's why he will never go out of fashion. And in general, experiment, and you will certainly find "your" white!

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