Shades of beige color

It is known that the appearance of women is divided intoSeveral color types. The same can be said about the colors common to all - in each of them there are many shades, among which there are cold and warm tones, and they in turn are divided into dark and light colors.

In today's survey, we propose to find out whichThere are warm, cold, light and dark shades of beige. These divisions will help women of fashion choose a suitable outfit, which will be combined with their type of appearance.

Shades of beige and their combination

If you are a bright representativeAutumn color appearance, it is worth paying attention to the calm and deep tones of autumn foliage and some tones of the earth. But the woman "spring" will be approached by gentle shades of caramel scale.

For example, it can be:

  1. Natural beige or neutral. (Among them there is vanilla, cream and sand).
  2. Light yellow-beige. It is associated with ease and romance. In a business suit of this color, you will undoubtedly arrange your partners for a kind and trusting relationship. It can be combined with the color of fuchsia, light pink, light green, bright yellow, carrot, sky blue, bronze and violet.
  3. Light green-beige or protective. A soft borderline hue has a slight hint of a military style. It is combined with the same warm shades as itself.
  4. Peach-beige. He will help create a gentle romantic, but at the same time, a mysterious image. In a light summer dress and sarafan, you can go on a date or a walk, but a lace, elegant dress is suitable for a very important event.
  5. Light orange-beige. Some refer to it as a brown, but it is beige, as it is close to the natural shade of the swarthy skin. It is ideal for creating business and office style, however, if you dilute it with contrasting accessories, you can get a stylish everyday image.
  6. Dark brown-beige. Despite its richness, it still refers to a warm shade that fits into different styles. Looks great in a duet with velvety colors, such as coral, light pink, orange, burgundy, malachite, gold, emerald and blue.

As for the dark shades of beige, then they are:

  • Dark gray-beige;
  • Dark brown-beige;
  • Orange-beige;
  • Green-beige (close to the protective color or khaki).

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