Shades of blue

Each color has many shades. They can be much more than we can imagine, and we did not even hear about most of the names. Take, for example, shades of blue, which are light tones in the blue range. Maybe? Everyone knows some names, but only a professional will be able to correctly distinguish these tones.

Blue color and its shades

We all know that the sky and the sea are blue,But these shades differ from each other, and have different names. Every fashionista must understand them, in order to choose the right outfit for her type of appearance. Therefore, we suggest to learn about the most common blue color and their names.

Cold shades. They are associated with cold, snow, cold, ice and depth. Therefore, they can be identified without special problems. These include shades such as:

  1. Pale blue. It is obtained by mixing indigo with a muted blue (blue).
  2. Pure blue. He suits the owners of summer color appearance. However, the representatives of spring and autumn can also wear a blue hue, if you add a bit of yellow to it. Cold tone becomes warm and radiant.
  3. Protective blue.
  4. Aquamarine.
  5. Azure.
  6. Persian blue.
  7. Lavender. This shade is achieved by mixing white with blue.
  8. Cornflower. Named after the flower of cornflowers, and has a very gentle and pleasant lilac shade.
  9. The waters of Bondi beach.
  10. Cobalt.

Warm shades. They are not so much as cold, but they are and will suit the owners of the autumn and spring color types of appearance.

  1. Heavenly. This is the color of the sky in clear weather. Refers to warm shades.
  2. Pale blue. Has a soft blue-green tone.
  3. The periwinkle.
  4. Pale turquoise.
  5. Turquoise green.
  6. Topaz-turquoise.
  7. Aquamarine.
  8. Cyanogen.

As you can see, there are a lot of blue shades, andEach is especially good. Therefore, choose the color that you like, without forgetting to test it for a combination with your color appearance.

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