Shades of gray

In nature there are many colors and shades,Which are divided into achromatic and chromatic. Gray color and its shades belong to the first category, because they are considered colorless, as well as white and black. Get it by mixing in equal proportions of the three primary colors - red, blue and green. No one knows exactly how many shades of gray there are, but in today's review we will tell you about the known intermediate colors, and with what colors they blend.

The names of shades of gray and their combination in clothing

In itself, this color is rather boring and unattractive, but to revive the image and give it style and charm, you need to be able to correctly combine it with another gamut.

To warm shades of gray are light colors, so they look better with gentle pastel colors. But dark and cold can be combined with a brighter color scheme.

  1. River mother-of-pearl - very close to white, but has a soft silver hue. It looks great in combination with gold, black, red and blue.
  2. Gray pigeon - similar to the first option, but has a matte surface, without a pearly shine. It can be worn with lemon, lavender and light blue.
  3. Steel gray is a classic option,Which is recognized by all. He is just between black and white, taking a neutral position. Choosing the outfit of this color, add the ensemble beige, steel blue or the color of the blue hyacinth.
  4. Marengo is a dark gray with a bluish tint. By the way, it was popular in Soviet times and was used to tailor branded clothes. To it such nuances as a light emerald, a celestial blue and a dusty apple are suitable.
  5. Feldgrau - something like a protective color. It is a dark gray stone hue with a drop of khaki. Ideal for creating a military style.
  6. Slate - very similar to lead and bluish andReminds the mirror smoothness of the lake in the early morning. However, this shade under different lighting changes like a chameleon. Ideal when combined with black, but you can experiment with chocolate, pink and green.

In addition to these colors, there are alsoShades like light gray-green, silver, wet asphalt, coal, mouse, lead, anthracite, kententri, tin and smoking coals. And each tone in combination with another color can play in a new way, giving the image a freshness and harmony.

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